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Jan 2019 · 99
theblndskr Jan 2019
These days
My life is so busy
Writing its' own piece of  L I T
My heart feels like a *** of gold
Shooting rainbows to the sky
T h a n k  Y o u
Mar 2018 · 153
theblndskr Mar 2018
You gave me a treasure,
More lovely than anything
—my heart
Mar 2018 · 150
Searching is Living
theblndskr Mar 2018
Are you trapped in a path you've started?
Thinking you are never good enough,
Always sleeping with doubt,
If you have ended your day right?

We often pursue things because we like it.
But do we love it?
Enough to spend almost all your life doing it?

You are in a path youve chosen.
God has guided you there.
To fail is okay.
To doubt is okay.
To be late is okay.
To achieve and not to do anything with it is okay.

How great it is for people
who are uncertain in life
to try and do their best in something.
Trying and doing is searching.
And searching is living.
A simple poem for a seeking mind.
Feb 2018 · 125
A Hole Beneath This Earth
theblndskr Feb 2018
(    There's a hole beneath
T h i s   e a r t h

I am s c a r e d,
Of how we're under
This s k y,
It seems like the c l o u d s,
Has been hiding some chaos
A b o v e . .

What is the
of our lives?
Why do we need to
and eventually D I E ?
It's hard to think
That R E A S O N S,
satisfy reasons.
We live searching. .
Some has settled in worship
But some just gained
F A M I L I A R I T Y.
A false satisfaction,
the limit of our minds,
To C o m p e n s a t e
For every lost breath
As we strive.

Achieving something,
Enjoying it for awhile,
Doing something,
Coz you're bored with life.
When you are happy
A piece of L I T
Would that be it?
Does E X P R E S S I N G
change something?

It is something so cruel,
To find yourself lost,
Asking what your time
Is really made of.

There's a hole beneath this earth

That's why I'm digging
And digging
Only to find my grave,
r o t t i n g
e m p t y
I n v i t i n g
I am not in a bit suicidal, rather I seek purpose.
I hope we all get to know it before our time is up.
Appreciate the world, its' mysteries
Let's paint it with our own meaning.
Easy being said. . .hehe

3/4 of this is a latepost from 2016, the other 1/4 I just wrote to finish it.
Jan 2018 · 381
S c r e e n d oo r
theblndskr Jan 2018
I was trying to write about the sun,
the potted plants outside our window,
and the sound of vehicles on the street..

Here I am lying, facing our screen door, trying to think of how to make a good poem out of it. .

I closed my eyes, and all my senses are working.

"I can't think of a good poem right now . ."

It is just that today, I am so glad I am alive.
I feel like, I need to do something before I ran out of life, againn..
What an ugly poem this is. . HAHAHA
An out of place title, common words, and boring structure, kinder approach. . Made this in 5 mins while I'm heating water for a good bath, lol.

Just need a little warm up before I write poems again. It was a busy year for me, I almost forgot what I enjoyed doing. .

One of my new year's resolution is to keep what I love to do. I'll do my best to revive my poetry and writing accounts.

I can feel that 2018 will be one of the coolest years!!
I hope so,
theblndskr Oct 2017
a strong grip,
will surely hurt . .

------( cut this part out )--------
L o n g   e n o u g h ,

Nails will be blades,
To dig your bones,
Blood will be poison,
That'll fill those holes  .
Fingers cracking
As they fall.
A sound so deafening,
Your eyes explode.
Craters expand,
Blood overflow.
Limbs turned ashes:
**A  D e f i l e m e n t
B e y o n d   r e f o r g e .
I cant believe i wrote such savagery
Latepost 06/17/2017
theblndskr Oct 2017
Have you ever thought,
That every poem born,
Is   l i f e ?

They grow an  i n ch
For every soul they touch.
And as they age, senile
Emotions once felt,
T h e y   d i e.

You see,
In people's lives
There are a lo t  of  s ta rs
left  *u n to u ch e d

And if they sparkle
A t  ni g h t,
Know that, it is
the wr i t er 's   s o ul
That gives it spark, but it is
the  re a d er's  he a r t
That makes it  s h i ne .
And the one
Who makes it fall,
Are those who wish you
The b e s t s  in  l i fe .
Late post 7/14/17
Jul 2017 · 240
The Better Things
theblndskr Jul 2017
S o m e t i m e s
It is  B E S T  not to know,
The  b e t t e r   t h i n g s  in life,
Coz somewhere up that sky
You become a  lo s t  s t a r.
Originally, this has 7 more stanzas after. But I think the first stanza is enough.
Jul 2017 · 391
A Mess For A Dress
theblndskr Jul 2017
I could be
The best version
O f   m y s e lf
Without the mess
In my head.

It can eat
A million threads,
Different colors,
Different lengths,

But it would
Never sew
A   d r e s s .

Coz thoughts,
Are cloths,
S c i s s or e d
B u r n e d
The only stitches
You see
Are made
For my
S a n i t y
W o r k
Jun 2017 · 373
In This World
theblndskr Jun 2017
H a v e   y o u   s e e n
The sky where our eyes meet,
The air where our skin touch,
And the sun that put flames,
To our hearts?

The pounding of the birds' wings,
C a n  y o u  f e e l ?

H a v e   y o u   s e e n
How time made us blind,
How our inactions **** our mights,
How clouds made us doubt,
The vision once clear we had?

And as the plants grew
At spring,
C a n  y o u  s e e** ,
How they blossom
alone in numbers,
Just left at is
For every person
To wonder?

H a v e   y o u   s e e n
The smoking poison,
On your palm,
To **** every living,
With a touch
By sending them to ash?
And how it made
You feel thorns
Growing on your soul
Because for once
You believe you are cure
But for some you are
Death for sure.

And thus,
You live like a bird
Who only lands
To a place
Where your pounding wings
Can be heard.
Where the only cage
To trap you dear
Is   t h i s   w o r l d .
Jun 2017 · 317
Law of Torts
theblndskr Jun 2017
The last clear chance,
Is always mine
T o   t a ke.

For if not,
It' l l  be deemed
Contributory negligence:
As if I am the one
who lacks diligence,
As if I you are
the one damaged.

It is cruel,
When your only
S o l ut i on
is other's
Pr e cl us io n.
Doctrine of Last Clear Chance:
Part of the law of torts.
May 2017 · 476
Some Villain Succeeds
theblndskr May 2017
There are cars
Who go straight ahead,
But there are some
Who lose breaks and crash. .
Just like in the movies,
Where a villain cut
Some engine string,
With an evil grin, succeeds.
And I was like:

     "  Dang! Beware of the truck. .no! no! Go for the tree at the side!!  "

But instead, it fell from a rocky cliff.

Suddenly, the camera
Went to the body, ******
Hands holding the wheel

(   E  x  p  l  o  s  i  o  n  s .  .   .  )

There in the next scene,
A picture frame fell . .
Cracked on the part
Where the victim's face is.
This is something I watch in different movies all over again. .but this I write beyond meaning.

In life there will always be straight path ahead. But no matter how you plan going there, some evil deeds workvat the sidelines of our life. It could be our doubts and fears, our enemies, our family or even friends. .

When we lose control of something where our life depends on, we are just given an impulse to make the best decision.  Some people watching you would tell you what's best to do BUT you under pressure, because you are too far away in thoughts will decide by yourself. .

That's when you came crashing down in a rocky cliff from the high point you were in. Th car represents what you achieve in life, slowly going to pieces while falling. .At the bottom it'll all explode. . It's just a matter if the YOU inside that car will survive the crash. .Coz you still hold the wheel of your life. .if you see your self as the protagonist, if you see ur life not as a tragedy. .there could be healing. .

All of this that happen, gives the people we treasure a feeling of fear and worry. That's when a picture frame fell.  And they came to you rushin

Remember: Despite the fall, we have our fallbacks. As long as you have that life, there is a chance.  

This is too long, thanks for reading. Hope you all have a good life :)  Gonna be out for some while. Busy life coming. . =)
May 2017 · 816
L o b o
theblndskr May 2017
Gusto ko ng isa
" Yun oh! Yung hawak ni
Manong nag-titinda. .
Itatali ko sa aking kamay
Habang lumilipad
Sa distansyang abot ko pa,
" Oo, yung color blue ah! "
Teka ilan nalang ba
Ang naipon kong barya?
" Hmm. . Aba aba, sobra pa kaya! "
Inipon ko 'to ng kay tagal
Mga baon na bigay ni nanay.

Itatali ko sa aking kamay,
Sabay naming babayuhin
Ang kalsada papuntang simbahan. .

" Sino yung umiiyak? "
Ahh, lumipad ang lobo niya.
Yung bata, kawawa naman. .
Kahit bilhan ulit ng Nanay,
Sige pa rin ang ngawa. .

" Ano nga bang meron sa lobo niya? "

" Bakit nga ba sila lumilipad? "

Ito yung lobong
Masarap tignan sa kalangitan
Di pwde itali ng matagal
Sasabit-sabit kung saan-saan
Kalaunan, puputok nalang.
Kaya sige, aking bibitawan na. .

"Sige lipaaaad! "
Diyan ka nababagay
Sa langit, tanaw ng madla
Malayo para aking silayan pa
Kinagagalak kong bitawan ka.

Pero wait diba uso,
Yung may kasamang sulat?
" Sigeee exciting, "
Lagyan natin para masaya :

     "  S a l a m a t .  "
May 2017 · 296
(A)mazed 10w
theblndskr May 2017
I am lost
Inside the maze
Of my convincing words
Most of the times we say words to prove our resolves. It is just so uplifting that u exist with philsophies to believe in.
It could be, that u establish philosphies just to appease, to convince
All your uncertainties left unanswered.
You are but the culprit of ur ownEMPTINESS.
May 2017 · 317
Gratitude Whispers
theblndskr May 2017
Whispers from
Your breath
Has crossed the skies,
The heaven speaks louder
Than the thunder in my heart. .
Gratitude flies,
Ocean waves has turned
Stepping forward,
My tears overflow. .

Now, let me speak the hue of the earth:

Thank you HP Friends
For your prayers
They have been heard.

(Graduating from College this June 2017 :)
I do not know if my thoughts align. But I just immediately put what i feel in the moment to words. Thank u everyone for ur prayers.
May 2017 · 294
(P)ages Ahead
theblndskr May 2017
That girl sitting
On the wooden bench,
Has become
An uninspired writer,
Who failed to stay in love.
She was reading a book
Under the shade
Of a burning sun,
Lifted some pages,
As if her skin never hurt.
To stay on the same page for long
Makes it hard to reach
The next chapter
She was longing for.
But once, she forgot some good lines
Turned the pages back,

" Ahhh, yes. This line is good. . ."

Mouth curved like
Her breakfast cereal bowl earlier.

(Turned the pages ahead again. . .)

The story unfolds too fast
she never had time to think
Of the burning sun,
And some old good lines. .

*That girl has become
An uninspired writer
But a persistent reader
Of her life.
Late post 02 18 2017
Apr 2017 · 262
theblndskr Apr 2017
A heart with
N o    r e g r e t s
Is but a muscular
O r g a n
Half possessed by my gr2 elem self studying biology that time lol
Apr 2017 · 414
theblndskr Apr 2017
Hello to my friends here in HP!

I would like to ask for your *prayers
as I will be taking my last examination in College this coming whole week. .

I know that my plea would not amount to the helpless concerns of many people on planet Earth. .but this is very important to me. And no matter how much hardwork I put in, I am nothing without God. .

I have lived 9 years of my life only looking at school(demanding course), that's why I wanted to take another leap now so I can open new doors in my life, so I could do everuthing that I wanted to do, freely without regrets.

After this, I would be taking up a licensure exam by the end of this year, and hopefully, hopefully everything goes well for me and for my friends who've equally put as much effort as they can. .

In this world, we have our own circumstances which I greatly respect. No matterhow small or big it is, if it brings you closer to who you will be in the future, then it is worth pursuing, it is worth praying for.

Thank you.
Apr 2017 · 466
(Your) Left Side Window
theblndskr Apr 2017
There's a creature that lives
outside this house,
under the left side window,
whispering dispersed breaths
of echoing luminiscence. .

It never goes in,
No matter how wide
You open the window. .
But its' soul creeps in,
Swallowing the air inside . .
Like it wasn't here,
But it lives within your skin. .
B e t w e e n    the   g a p s
You can't even see.
It digs on the surface,
To taste your blood cold.

You look around,
But it wasn't there. .
You started sitting on the corner
Beside the bed
Holding your head,
Covering your ears.

And when the dark clouds
Start to overshadow the land,
You see its shadow

S l o wly,    sl o w  l y. .

         Peeking in.

You held your heart.
I cannot imagine what a shadow's expression appear to be. . Could it be how we look like when we're afraid, but with a smirk there. .lol

This poem is a mess in structure, like how my mind is when I made it.
Apr 2017 · 502
Ex-cease in a Glimpse
theblndskr Apr 2017
W a i t i n g** .  .  .
We needed time to grow for ourselves.

And from there,
We are so sure that the future exist in a glimpse.

In that moment, we'll eventually be together.
But It just ended up too long. . .

Too long,
We grew    a   p  a  r  t  .

And we realize we're not same person anymore.
Im not a Justin-Selena fan. But I somewhat read one of his blog interview, and he said something good that lead me to conceptualize it in a simple poem.
Apr 2017 · 298
The Holder of His Dreams
theblndskr Apr 2017
I had a dream
Of someone telling me of his dreams.
Of how hundred doors exist,
Of thin white paper sheets.
Of how those knobs shine,
Of glittering gold blitz.
Of why he should choose one,
Of how the other doors would be gone.

I had a dream
Of someone telling me of his dreams.
Of how he chose a door
That never exist.
And if u wanna know how, let's meet in my dreams.

But, is it my dream or his dream?

Extended stanza
I had a dream
Of someone telling me
Of his dreams,
Of how he chose nothing
Of how his deemed solitude kills his peace
Apr 2017 · 621
Daytime Shooting Star
theblndskr Apr 2017
the universe is swaying
like an  o c e a n   o f   s t a r s
and with a drop, sends
Shining light falling. .

A daytime shooting star
Has sprouted in me.
Inspired by a manga I read;"Hirunaka No Ryuusei". .
. . the world has oceans of people, and u only need one shining light.
Mar 2017 · 565
Atom of Evil
theblndskr Mar 2017
She's a stone. .
No, her heart is a  b o u l d e r . .
Can't be moved in force.
You need to break her into pieces first!

She's a flower ***. .
No, her mind is a towering  t r e e . .
Bear that she don't mind losing some leaves,
Rotten ones, go and fall to the seas!

She's a half moon.
No, her smiles are  e c l i p s e .
A sight to behold, but there's darkness
Once seen, could send death w/o peace!

She's a *** of liquid gold.
No, her eyes are  a s t e r o i d s. .
Falling endlessly,
Like gravity possessed space.

She's a sparkling gem.
No, her eyes are polished  d a g g e r s !
Without words she can ****,
That's how she seeks peace. .

In her, there's an  A t o m  o f   E v i l .
But a  U n i v e r s e  o f   L i g h t.
There's a blackhole of dust,
But colonies of stars. .

E v i l ,   y e t   l i g h t .
She lives, but never forgets.
A threshold too high, once full
Go hide under your blanket of scars!
Don't take a step, coz
It could be your last breath.
To those friends I have shown a particle of evil. I don't mind losing some leaves, as long as I know Im right.
Feb 2017 · 400
theblndskr Feb 2017
Once upon a time,
Too long ago, when ones' life depended
On sour candies,

I made an "ant backyard resort",

It is dedicated to give enjoyment
To the well industrious ants,
Not foreign to our land.

But a tragedy struck their fates,
With thuderstorms and ocean hurdles
They drowned lifeless,
And I saw their souls
Flying to heaven. .

I know they were mad at me,
For killing them. .
But such a fortuituous event!
Not my fault. .it rained that day!

That day they're suppose to be hiding in colonies. .
But they entered the shuttle going to the resort,
And they left the door opened.

The day after, the resort went bankrupt.
Nothing was left, just like magic that turned it to hardened sand.
Shuttle (noun) - an abandoned bottle with sugar inside.

I shouldnt have prepared the shuttle for their convenience
Feb 2017 · 612
@ Zero Margin of Safety
theblndskr Feb 2017
Saving my totality's cost
from further damage,
Against an independent variability
Called  " t i m e ".

And w/ an intercept always constant
No matter how gradual time changes,
Made me  i n d i f f e r e n t ,
From this point forward.

Now, even if million constraints are made, BOTTOMLINE:
**It's only meant to break-even.
Inspired from Cost analysis-Management acctg
Feb 2017 · 365
Econo-Meek Depression
theblndskr Feb 2017
This journey is a
L  O  N  G    F  I  N  A  L  E
with peaks and bottom,
trends and depression,
Like line graphs that extend
As years gone by. . .

Every point is a stop, a record, a mark.

There is no end,
Coz you can still read this,
And this year is not the 70s
But the 17th year of the 20th Century!
Jan 2017 · 230
It's The Divinity I Heed
theblndskr Jan 2017
I said: " I wont write.".
But my heart is spitting blood,
And internally, it is trapped. .
My mouth has been stitched by
Thousand threads, back and forth. .
Back and forth, it hurts.
Carving words on my eyes,
Like heavy bubbles that pop
Every second, endlessly falling,
Draining me lifeless of a soul.
It felt like it has departed,
Gone lightyears away.

But the sky is still clear, as ever
Made me think:

"Does the rain really falls equally on everyone? Does the stars shine brightly in everyone's eyes?"

My back has never been this heavy. .
I weep for someone who deserves the best
And now, I am the only one to give it.
It felt like my smiles are infrequent visitors
Who knock on windows, and not on doors.
I could live, drowning in my own sea.
But you should be on a boat,
That perfeclty befits your worth,
And I'll gladly be your hero.

So I ask the Lord:

"Please, do not let sadness consume her,
Or hatred disperse her will, coz
I am still here."

It is The Divinity, I heed.
Take my words, and I shall seek.
Let my soul be a chant,
I will sing if You'll permit:

*"Oh, please let me live longer
So I could fulfill my duty
THEN find my purpose of everlasting peace"
This, I write for someone closest to my heart since I was born.
Dec 2016 · 226
theblndskr Dec 2016
Dark clouds
Has been lifted,
From my land
I was blinded
by  s u n s h i n e.
11 16 2016
Dec 2016 · 1.2k
Traffic ka ba?
theblndskr Dec 2016
Kasi kahit anong gusto kong lagpasan ka, kailangan pa rin kita daanan.

Ang hirap kasi, andami kong oras na nasasayang. Pero kung wala ka, bakit pa ko gigising ng maaga? lagi kitang pinaghahandaan, ikaw lang ang nandyan sa 'twing mahuhuli ako ng lakad.

Isa kang paalala na kailangan kong maghintay, kailangan kong magtiyaga.

Di ako lilihis ng daan, para iwasan ka lang. Kasi mas nakita ko yung mga lugar na dinadaanan ko pala araw araw. Kesa noon, ang nakikita ko lang yung patutunguhan. Ngayon, parang ayaw ko na makarating sa paroroonan.

Pero sana wala ka nalang. Para di ako laging kinakabahan na,
"Huli na ko".
Huli na sa klase. .
9 14 2015
Dec 2016 · 225
Deeper, Heavier
theblndskr Dec 2016
Everyday, I am walking
Heavier steps,
Deep breaths. .

Every night I chase,
For the moon
Up that sky. . .

It is dark. .
Too scared I cried

              "Dear God I'm tired. . "

The sky has buried us,
Deep down from reality,
Gravity as an accomplice.

             "What's beyond that sky,
                          Is it all just a lie?

        Am I a   s u b s t a n c e ?   Or
                         Merely a  f o r m?"


Every day, I am walking
Heavier steps,
Deep breaths. . .
9 12 2016
My works has become too messy
But I just feel good writing em
Dec 2016 · 590
Survey (haiku)
theblndskr Dec 2016
Trust me when I say:*
"I roamed. Did a survey, if
This love is okay."
Majority answered something that sounds "reasonable"
Dec 2016 · 345
theblndskr Dec 2016
S o m e t i m e s . . .
You can't help but look at
        P  I  C  T  U  R  E  S  
                Of Old Dead Tales. .

          "'Coz once upon a time,
 they were captured at the  m o m e n t . .

and it just suddenly  E N D E D,
w i t h o u t     s u b s t a n c e
          living a bad aftertaste,
               that doesn't even
­                            .
12 21 2016
start time: 5 56am
end time: 6 02am
Dec 2016 · 702
He, The Son of the Sky
theblndskr Dec 2016
He is
The son of the sky.
Speaking hues,
Reflecting smiles,
You'll be blinded by his light.

He is
The son of the sky.
Slowly passing like the clouds,
One who made thunder
resonate a throbbing heart.
With eyes that see no boundaries,
He is endless as the seas.

He is everything
Beneath this sky.
Plant that sprout
In everyone's heart,
A seed that never dies.
He'll live in eternity,
Through what he called:  
**s m i l e s .
In dedication to someone I know who always smile :)
Dec 2016 · 307
S h a d o w s
theblndskr Dec 2016
B  E  W  A  R  E
When it's  *p i t c h  d a r k

You never know,
How they travel our minds,
When darkness consume
Our sights.

They exist,
To keep an eye on us. .*

E x p r e s s i o n s ,
they make one. .
You can't see,
But someday you will . .
It is when
From underneath
I don't really feel good about this write. It sent me goosebumps,
(They said light has no shadow)
Nov 2016 · 242
Alternate Universe
theblndskr Nov 2016
Could it be
That we exist just
e  v  e  r  y  w  h  e  r  e
That the reason why astronauts
Cant go further along the milky way
Is because,
w  e
a  r  e
a  l  r  e  a  d  y
t  h  e  r  e ?
The concept of parallel universe is really interesting.
Sep 2016 · 242
theblndskr Sep 2016
Inflicted pain on one's own throat,
Falsely proclaim, an old hat joke.
Found this at the back of my 3rd yr College notebook
Sep 2016 · 388
By The Wind
theblndskr Sep 2016
I know my feelings will reach you. . .

Like a whisper in the wind,
I'll make your skin tingle,
Then paint black river,
Flowing down your cheeks. . .

I'll make your mouth appear
Like trampled cherries,
With poisoned arrows
Piercing your  h e a r t . . .

You'll die slowly, in regret
In     u t m o s t   s o r r o w  . . .
Then ill burn your flesh,
disperse it unto the wind . . .
A death so enlightening
Like the death of my feelings,
That killed you,
B y    t h e    w i n d . . .
Inspired from a manga I read last vacation. :)
Jun 2016 · 330
Through Time
theblndskr Jun 2016
My impossible dream is to
live in the historical times,
of floating castles,
and flying white pegasus.

To fly above the skies,
and see the city full of,
blooming irises.

To eat bread, cheese & soup,
after a long day's work.
Yeah, a girl dressed as a boy.

To ride a boat,
promising a future,
with my dearly beloved.

To run across the city market,
against a group of armored soldiers,
with their spears held up high.

To save a noble's carriage,
from a midnight's ambush.
To jump above a moving vehicle,
saving young girls enslave.

To hear sonnets,
and watch cultural plays,
of a tyrannic king,
and the hero of the masses.
Where revolution ignite,
without a sword,
without a single enemies' blood.
Just a hero, bringing peace,
to our dear land.

I shall weep for the demise
of my fellow comrades,
and the tragic fates,
of all pure hearts.

In the end,
I will plant a seed,
that can withstand any weather.
Then I shall look up in the sky, saying:

Romeo x Juliet anime inspired.
"I wanna set the wind blowing."
Jun 2016 · 462
Self - Indepthted
theblndskr Jun 2016
Have I really seen the depths of hell,
Or is it me who lured myself
On believing I did?
Jun 2016 · 557
Fair share
theblndskr Jun 2016
". . . said I didn't want to create memories,
      the truth is . . .

I don't want to have
 s p e c i a l    m e m o r i e s
life isn't made out of special times . .

    *. . . o r d i n a r y
   m e a n i n g l e s s   things
that  you experience each day,
the moments that you don't even notice
is what makes your life. . .

*Everybody has a fare share of these things."
These are lines from a manga I read,  beautiful isn't it? Title is "blackbird"
May 2016 · 963
Poetry is a Proper Noun
theblndskr May 2016
It is a  r e c o r d
Of the sudden impulse of mind,
Where   s u b c o n s c i o u s  
Was caught on act,
Reminiscing some past you can't fathom.
And so, you turned it into words,
That existed in  e v e r y   p a r t  of the world.
You extend beyond the skies,
And kindle the galaxy in soft touches of ink.
You named all the stars,
In search for your  l o s t   s o u l ,
Disintegrating to something bigger,
You havent noticed.
From there you understand,
That the  p e r s o n  you are,
Could be someone  g r e a t e r.
With such blinding passion.
In keen  p o s s e s i o n .

All because of your subconscious
Hiding truth from you,
Your mind gets amnesia,
But the  h e a r t  keeps beating in rhythm,
Turning every monotone
Into   c h a o s   m e l o d y.
So you grasp for air,
And hold your pen. . .

Pounding into   s  p a c e  ,
            Letting  f r e e d o m  sink in.

And that's how words became,
So beautiful. .
Because that is YOU.

But somehow,
Some of us lose ourselves,
In between.

And that's how beautiful it is.
You stop, to admire it for a second.

**S o    b e a u t i f u l . . .
May 2016 · 622
theblndskr May 2016
W h a t ' s    b e y o n d   t h a t   s k y,
I s   i t   a l l   j u s t   a   l i e ?
Apr 2016 · 6.6k
Wag Manghula.
theblndskr Apr 2016
Minsan sa mundo,
akala mo ikaw lang ang malas,
lahat hinahanapan mo ng butas.
Pero ang totoo,
Gusto mo lang tumakas. . .
'Yan! 'Yan ang labing may gatas!

Kinukutya mo ang gobyerno,
dahil di sila patas,
eh, sino nga b'ang nag-atas?
Paano tayo kakalas,
Kung wala naman tayong lakas?

Nagdedesisyon ka nga
ng di alam ang konstitusyon,
paano mo nalaman ang tamang solusyon?
Nilagay natin sila sa posisyon,
dahil nagbigay sila ng maraming kondisyon,
na lahat naman, ilusyon!

Eh, sino nga ba ang iboboto?
Kung halos lahat sila,
ang hanap, deboto!
Ano sila santo?
Oh, tingnan mo ko,
kung makapagsalita,
akala mo kung sino. . .
Sorry sa mga kritisismo . . .
Pero sa totoo lang yung gobyerno,
pinapadami lang yung mapupunta
sa impyerno.

Di ko nilalahat,
pero pano nga ba tumukoy?

Binigyan ng kapangyarihan,
para manindigan,
manilbihan sa bayan,
pero anong ginawa?

Kaya yan,
dahil sa kahirapan,
lahat sabik sa pangako. . .
Kalaunan. . .pag pinaglaban mo,
ikaw pa ang matatakot!
Magsasaka nga, sariling ani,
iba ang humahakot. .

Ibang nagmatapang,
sila pang dinambangan!

Kaya ako, di nalang boboto. .
Di basta basta makiki-uso.
Dahil ang totoo,
wala akong makitang seryoso.
Puro sila, sariling negosyo.
Gawa ng gawa ng imperyo!

Makita mo ang gobyerno,
andaming benepisyo.
Kadalasan, si chief puro pa reklamo!
Eh, milyon naman ang komisyon
Sa sariling institusyon!
Kulang pa daw!
Wow, napaka-halimaw!

Pero ang tingin nila sa kalsada
yung mga bata, perwisyo?!
Kaya ba nila tinago, sa malayo
nang dumating ang mga dayo?!
Oh, di mo alam no?
Kasi nga tinago!

Sana yung susunod na uupo,
yung taong, totoo.
Yung kahit malaya,
di mandadaya.  .  .

Gawing tama ang pagboto. .
Di ka na si toto,
Di ka si nene,
Wag madala sa mga ugong ng hele!

Meron at meron yan!
Di lang natin makita,
kaya ang payo ko:

Mahaba pa sana,
kaya lang aking ikasasama.
Di dapat ako manghusga,
pero di ko maiwasang magtaka.
Paano ako boboto,
kung ang mga batas pinapasa lang
kung kelangan nila magpalakas.
Bakit di pa dati ginawa,
gayong nasa pwesto naman?
Di ba pwedeng magtulungan nalang? Kailangan pa talaga nilang magsiraan, magkampihan pag korupsyon ang usapan?.
Apr 2016 · 977
Thing-k Again
theblndskr Apr 2016
You thought 'twas
- - -
Deemed 'twas
- -
But you know it's
I could be wrong but also right.
And that's life, we always go with nothing.
(Fr my old article)
Mar 2016 · 720
theblndskr Mar 2016
"Minsan ba naisip mo na,
Baka ikaw lang?"

Taon ang binilang
Tila walang kasagutan.
Aking tatapusin,
Sa isang walang hangganan.

"Ako'y mananatiling ako at
Ika'y mananatiling ikaw."
. . .
Feb 2016 · 453
theblndskr Feb 2016
And so, I burned the city
I've*  created.
Before it becomes a world,
Deemed  **invented.
Feb 2016 · 441
Darkness Falls
theblndskr Feb 2016
Stumbled upon the dark vade light
Now, here she comes!
That fairy old white mask,
Ooh! Teeth of those
Once alive.
Bring me the light!
Skin scratched with
Claws up mark!
**Bring me the light!
Our childhood horror movie watch for more than 20x. Only those who watch will understand that its child suspense never fails :))

Darkness Falls, 2003 film
Feb 2016 · 824
Midnight Forest-Cape
theblndskr Feb 2016
Echoes of life-ruined tempos,
Lightning flashes, retrospect
Ghostly trees keen, peeking
Beyond thick fog enclosing.

Nimbus clouds hanging,
Icy blood dripping,
Ashes blown turned
C-C-ryptic voice singing:

"   Don't worry,  worry,           -worry.
                Someone's coming for ya . . .   "

Spine-slithered doubts.
Is it redemption

Brittle steps.
Metal-casted ground, rakes
Cringing sound.
"    Scythe? . . .   "

Stumbled in fear,
Wallowed in self pity,
What an evil daydream?!
Feb 2016 · 791
Let's Kill That (Three)
theblndskr Feb 2016
                    "Who's with me
                     To **** that tree
                In the middle of the sea?

Hanging between boundaries,
Golden leaves, mouth-watering
Sent war on countries neighboring.
Blood spilt, on heaven's ground
Where no innocent souls found.

                     Oh, those leaves!
                       A single piece,
                  Could worth a feast,
            But of what origin, atleast?!

But no! Let's **** that tree.
Draw our swords,
For a mighty peace!
Let's **** that tree!
Whose roots are
Jan 2016 · 572
Your Soul is Reading
theblndskr Jan 2016
An effortless jump
Transported me to
-O U T E R    S P A C E-
Only to witness that souls do travel
While we're asleep. . .
People are like gases
Entering a door in every star
"--clicks--" it locks as one passes.

Oh, could it be!
That you're still in that door?

THINK CAREFULLY. Something WRONG went today. . . . .

Now, close your eyes. . .
It's time to wake you up.

As you enter another dimension,
Before it's too late. . .

Uh. . Oh. . .I forgot, the KEYS.
It's in the
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