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theblndskr Jan 2019
These days
My life is so busy
Writing its' own piece of  L I T
My heart feels like a *** of gold
Shooting rainbows to the sky
T h a n k  Y o u
theblndskr Mar 2018
You gave me a treasure,
More lovely than anything
—my heart
theblndskr Mar 2018
Are you trapped in a path you've started?
Thinking you are never good enough,
Always sleeping with doubt,
If you have ended your day right?

We often pursue things because we like it.
But do we love it?
Enough to spend almost all your life doing it?

You are in a path youve chosen.
God has guided you there.
To fail is okay.
To doubt is okay.
To be late is okay.
To achieve and not to do anything with it is okay.

How great it is for people
who are uncertain in life
to try and do their best in something.
Trying and doing is searching.
And searching is living.
A simple poem for a seeking mind.
theblndskr Feb 2018
(    There's a hole beneath
T h i s   e a r t h

I am s c a r e d,
Of how we're under
This s k y,
It seems like the c l o u d s,
Has been hiding some chaos
A b o v e . .

What is the
of our lives?
Why do we need to
and eventually D I E ?
It's hard to think
That R E A S O N S,
satisfy reasons.
We live searching. .
Some has settled in worship
But some just gained
F A M I L I A R I T Y.
A false satisfaction,
the limit of our minds,
To C o m p e n s a t e
For every lost breath
As we strive.

Achieving something,
Enjoying it for awhile,
Doing something,
Coz you're bored with life.
When you are happy
A piece of L I T
Would that be it?
Does E X P R E S S I N G
change something?

It is something so cruel,
To find yourself lost,
Asking what your time
Is really made of.

There's a hole beneath this earth

That's why I'm digging
And digging
Only to find my grave,
r o t t i n g
e m p t y
I n v i t i n g
I am not in a bit suicidal, rather I seek purpose.
I hope we all get to know it before our time is up.
Appreciate the world, its' mysteries
Let's paint it with our own meaning.
Easy being said. . .hehe

3/4 of this is a latepost from 2016, the other 1/4 I just wrote to finish it.
theblndskr Jan 2018
I was trying to write about the sun,
the potted plants outside our window,
and the sound of vehicles on the street..

Here I am lying, facing our screen door, trying to think of how to make a good poem out of it. .

I closed my eyes, and all my senses are working.

"I can't think of a good poem right now . ."

It is just that today, I am so glad I am alive.
I feel like, I need to do something before I ran out of life, againn..
What an ugly poem this is. . HAHAHA
An out of place title, common words, and boring structure, kinder approach. . Made this in 5 mins while I'm heating water for a good bath, lol.

Just need a little warm up before I write poems again. It was a busy year for me, I almost forgot what I enjoyed doing. .

One of my new year's resolution is to keep what I love to do. I'll do my best to revive my poetry and writing accounts.

I can feel that 2018 will be one of the coolest years!!
I hope so,
theblndskr Oct 2017
a strong grip,
will surely hurt . .

------( cut this part out )--------
L o n g   e n o u g h ,

Nails will be blades,
To dig your bones,
Blood will be poison,
That'll fill those holes  .
Fingers cracking
As they fall.
A sound so deafening,
Your eyes explode.
Craters expand,
Blood overflow.
Limbs turned ashes:
**A  D e f i l e m e n t
B e y o n d   r e f o r g e .
I cant believe i wrote such savagery
Latepost 06/17/2017
theblndskr Oct 2017
Have you ever thought,
That every poem born,
Is   l i f e ?

They grow an  i n ch
For every soul they touch.
And as they age, senile
Emotions once felt,
T h e y   d i e.

You see,
In people's lives
There are a lo t  of  s ta rs
left  *u n to u ch e d

And if they sparkle
A t  ni g h t,
Know that, it is
the wr i t er 's   s o ul
That gives it spark, but it is
the  re a d er's  he a r t
That makes it  s h i ne .
And the one
Who makes it fall,
Are those who wish you
The b e s t s  in  l i fe .
Late post 7/14/17
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