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Terra Levez Aug 2021
The music ends
And yet the symphony has just begun
Everyone leaves us
Some run, some fall
But we stayed
And slowed danced in this burning room
Some called this misery
We called it home
inspired from an Instagram challenge... yes i copied from another person's verse a bit.
Terra Levez May 2021
Hope is the thing with dandelions
For all their delicacy
And for every time they are an Unwanted
A ****
After the fiercest gale
We think that is all
They are gone
And yet every seed makes its way
To every nook and corner
Delicacy, Fragility
Like drifting through a river all your life
Carry on, carry on
Terra Levez May 2021
Sorrow found me when I was young
Sorrow waited
Sorrow won
This is originally a quote from a song by the National.
Here is the link for the song:
Terra Levez May 2021
The story that I love you
It has no end
A quote from one of my favorite series
this line never gets old
Terra Levez May 2021
We open the halves of a miracle
an extract from the poem Ode to a Lemon by Pablo Neruda
Terra Levez May 2021
you may have left me
saying that to believe in love is childish
but i didnt believe in it
until you came

you opened up a chasm in me
and when you left, i feared its depths
rather than exploring its meadows

when i fell
i only saw the ground
and i forgot to open my wings
this wasnt meant to be sad
it was meant to convey the beauty i was blind to, the love that i felt not from another but from myself. it was so beautiful, but i forgot it when he left.
now when im realizing it all over, with no one other than me, its so so beautiful to be alone and free.
Terra Levez Mar 2021
a hero will love you as long as you're right
a villain will hold you through your darkest night
to make a villain fall in love with you must be hard, because he has only ever been hurt by the world, has learnt to mistrust it and be disgusted by it.
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