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Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
A roach came to work with me
in my shoe.

It's a true story.

I shook him out of my laces

And he joined in with a new group
of bugs on the ground.

He can get renter's insurance for
$10 a month.

I'm back, eating lunch in the car
by the path.

And cake.

That's a start.
Laokos Sep 2019
the last
vestiges of my
terminal romance
are sputtering out

God is blowing
smoke rings
around my heart

the people that feign
caring talk
about fish
the sea

one workday is
followed by
many more
of the same

and the
days off

Cné Aug 2017
"Humpday" has arrived
and Thursday is looming.
"Happy Hour" now beckons
and business is booming.

So, go with your friends
belly up to the bar
But make sure someone else
takes you home in your car.

Two days till the weekend,
and a lifeline's relief.
But don't get caught loafing
or your job may be brief.
Happy **** Day
I bet y'all thought I was going **** with this. XD

— The End —