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Ananya Bansiwal Nov 2018
I have
always been
like the riverbank sand,
waiting for your waves
to drown me completely
Dhaye Margaux Jul 2014
I am but now a young adult
And may you please consider this
I do not  want for an applause
Or recognition to be pleased

I am here at this stage
I'm at the middle of my life
So I just wish my future days
Won't be that sad nor full of strife

The only thing that could help me
Keep away from all the pressures
Is this feeling that I am free-
Freedom in words and in gestures

Have you considered to speak your mind
To tell those things you really feel?
Or you just sit down in one corner
Then cry alone, nothing could heal?

Oh youth, please do remember this
The only thing I could tell you
You have this big chance to be happy
There are much things that you can do

Your hands are skilled in making things
They almost beg, hear when they call
The crafts that only you could make
Now is the time to show them all

Your words that long hidden inside
Could be the best song or story
Or they could be the finest poem
Let them be heard, let the world see

If you can paint, just paint it all
If you can sing, just sing it out
If you can write, just write the words
No matter what, feel free to shout

Life is too short to **** yourself
By doing things you do not want
Or just to grow old with much regrets
That in the end you'll make a rant

Always remember that time's a gem
You should not waste, you should not stop
While still young, go for your dreams
Express yourself and reach the top!
To the young artists:
Go for your passion. Go for your dreams.
Don't waste your time. Be free. Express yourselves. Express your creativity. There is art in everything. There is an artist inside of everyone of us.

— The End —