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annh Dec 2018
A *******-sism
Of bright and drip-fed colour
On earth-bound canvas
Jackson ******* (1912-1956) - an abstract expressionist painter renowned for his unconventional technique and media.
annh Dec 2018
Floating and free-wheeling
Bright oil on dusty canvas
Tread carefully
Lifetimes linger underfoot
In mountains and dales only love prevails
It is no matter who from where one hails
God is love a song is sung by nightingales
Love is just what every living heart assails

Beauty intoxicates and takes its real control
Real part is played by lover's heart and soul
Creation becomes its ultimate eternal goal
Pain of love is what takes one as a whole

My sweet beloved are you ready for the trial
Before you are totally lost and just beguile
Think about the intricacies of love for a while
Before you are thrown to ocean from the soil

Let be clear love takes in a wink but just all
Only chosen one are eligible for the real call
For others it is set of hurdles wall after wall
Only men of heart encounter to get windfall

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
K Balachandran Aug 2015
Pollen on your lips,
a bee in search of it,
I usurp it, get more
than what I asked for.

ഈ തേനീച്ച കൊതിച്ചതിലേറെ

നിൻ ചുണ്ടിലെ   പരാഗം
തേടിയെത്തി തേനീച്ച ഞാൻ
കവർന്നതു ഞാൻ  നുകരവേ
കൊതിച്ചതിലെറെ ത്തന്നു നീ

— The End —