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Broadsky Jan 2018
She sat there on her mountain top pleased with where she found herself. Yet each day she would chisel where she sat, "a chisel each day" she thought "won't do any harm." So each day she would awl where she rested maybe to see if one day she'd have nothing left to chisel, maybe the mountain would swallow her whole for destroying its wonderous peak, maybe nothing would happen- maybe nothing at all. So she persisted til one day there was nothing left to chisel, and she went tumbling down.
I'm falling in a downwards spiral off a cliff and I was the one who pushed me.
Jason Mar 2015
Knowing your chanced are slim to none
But you just can't give up
She means to much to you
But that might be your biggest reason to stop
You don't know if she is starting to like you
Or just too nice to tell you the truth
So I'm sitting here with my chest burning from sadness
And I don't know what to do
Kylia Feb 2015
I want to untangle this
Web of you all of
You your hooded eyes your
Pursed mouth your
Ebony Eyes that pull me in,
Shatter me like black holes. 
Untangle the web that you 
Have woven in my
Mind unconsciously and 
Im trapped 
Flies in a spider
Web I'm cornered,
Helpless but do I really really 
Want to untangle you
I do but i dont i dont i dont
I dont i do dont i do Dont want to
Untangle me from you.
Me and you we're too 
Past gone to
Be saved, or is it just
Me and my fraying strings and 
What is left of my heart maybe 
Just maybe
You and me, maybe its not such an impossible idea.

— The End —