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Brad Farrell Oct 2018
I am here and I do not question why
I can't comprehend the thought if I try
I have been taught that religion can't lie
So I must have a life after I die

I am here but at night, dark and silent
God loves us - So why is he so violent?
That is when I reach true enlightenment
Perhaps God has forever been absent

I am here and my opinion is proud
My view of God isn't a man on a cloud
I am here and my opinion is loud
I am here and my opinion is allowed
Not being open to the existance of God is stupid - Not being open to the probability of God not existing is stupid
Nab Karbela Aug 2018
Where is time?
Some people try to find it out like it's hidden in certain place
But how if it ain't an objective shape instead nondimention creature?
So where you can find time?
It's everywhere, so Shaheed said
It's the other side of coin for every single movement

Where is God?
Some people try to find Him out like He hidden in certain place and time
But how if every single existence bring He's part in?
So where you can find Him?
He is everywhere, so Shaheed said Close but untouchable,
Far yet distanceless
Amy Perry Aug 2018
The Word was written,
But my word is spoken
In the silence of the sacred,
In the crash of the ocean.

The Word was written,
But still I fumble
With what to think
To remain humble.

The Word was written,
But how does Nature sing!
And how pretty the lilacs dance
And how awesome bubbles the spring.

The Word was written,
But my mind questions,
Scourges the earth for answers,
Philosopher is my essence.

The Word was written,
But how it nods
To the doubt in me
That there are such gods.
abp 08/25/18
anotherken Dec 2017
The exponential term of the heretics,
All the lies and the gimmicks.
Everybody, rejoice in the freak show!
A melting *** of incompetent hosts.
A salad that's burning, turning
Hurting, learning and merging
Into a concoction full with disorder.
Into a world filled with borders.

Nobody knows.
Hey, who has time to learn and show?
Certainly not me.
Even the priest or a normal person, his time is not free.
As such, he hides the world's holes.
With words filled with selfish goals.
"Who are we?"
"We're the important humans, and that's all we could be."

4 years of understanding, is what I'd ask.
To get rid of the extravagant and unnecessary mask.
888 days of confusion,
And 666 days of rebellion.
Grab your forks and torches.
To destroy the flag of snakes, and let us come to our senses.
All these insignificant nonsense.
It doesn't make sense to take defense.

3 more kings giving gifts.
More men prosecuted for giving his race a lift.
"All of this is for nothing."
"I am nothing."
Isn't it confusing?
Is a more sensible thing to keep on living?
Without gods, or prophets.
The modern era doesn't need more puppets.

The modern asphyxiation.
Everyday, full of idiots that can't handle vision.
The idiots who will argue and argue.
Bleeding ears for the few,
Who understand, but will never speak.
Because they are still weak.
But in the end.....
But in the end.....

Who am I to talk?
I'm in the minority.
The sheep who flock east,
Feeding on the feast.
While, I, alone on the west.
And live my life.
Away, from these crumbling heights.

Prove me that your theories and your beliefs are the right ones.
Call me edgy, but people nowadays are being too clingy or dependent on a god that won't be there for them all the time. Pray this, pray there. And at the same time, atheists rant about all these **** about "Oh, gods don't exist."

How can we be so sure, and what difference does it make? We make our way by ourselves.
I've never believed anything without questioning why,
The question of God is the biggest I've come and across and actually answered.
God isn't a myth to comfort a weak mind,
God is the truth that a strong humble mind accepts and embraces.
With wisdom God lives,for with wisdom one knows that science is a portion of His creation and therefore it can't prove His absence.
If God exists,He's just there doing nothing.
But if God lives,He's always moving and watching over His children.
Believing in God isn't folly nor illiteracy. It is wisdom and realisation that without a Creator life has no purpose and if that's the case then there's no point living.
Most people that choose not to believe in God,do so thinking if they accept the belief in God they'll be conforming to a lower standard of thinking and to a control over their lives. Well that's no the case,God doesn't control your life,God directs your life.
wraiths Aug 2015
i think
there must
be a god
because he
gave me
but there
must also
be a devil
because he
took you
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
Why spend time wondering if
You're good enough for a heaven created
By the minds of men afraid of what they
Could not understand?

— The End —