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Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2019
Nothing matters,
Faster, Faster,
I pedal away,
To a bright new day.
Gives me wings to fly,
Every terrain I want to try,
Also chase the blue sky.
With the fresh open air,
As it messes with my hair,
I cycle everywhere,
In the woods, on a street or cycle track,
Here, there and back,
Up the hill I huff and puff,
Going up is tough.
Oh,what freedom!
Like the joy of stardom,
My mind crystal  clear,
Lots I discover as my bike I steer.
Round and round the wheels go,
In the sun, rain or snow,
Every moment I relish,
Never to end I wish.
Nylee Jan 2018
Hard to maintain
the curve of smile on the face
when all I have to deal is pain
So I hide the tears
when it showers rain
But it is never that simple
all the roads lead to worse terrain
And the more I walk
I realise it was much better few moments ago.
Äŧül Feb 2017
I* want us to go on a long rail trip.

Longer than whatever I experienced,
On the bridges over the trenches,
Victory trip over mountainous terrains,
Existing away from the world.

My life needs to be revamped,
E**erie and dangerous it has become.
My HP Poem #1430
©Atul Kaushal
I can leave the world but I can not leave you
This will be my love stance just thru and thru
You are on petals of my heart like drop of dew
Your are that moment of love, I lost every clue

Who am I and where from I am all vanished
Please do not ask me what ever I just wished
Let me tell you I nourished you but I perished
Beauty burns and love is never extinguished

My love we will be streaks of light to remain
My heart is in beauty's chain again and again
The labor of love we will take and just maintain
Love is to walk with bare feet on difficult terrain

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
shåi May 2014
pitter patter
a slight drizzle
of rain taps
quietly outside

the rhythm
of a infinite cycle
of life

the desolate terrain
echoes the 12am wind
blowing like dust

the wind is like thread
weaving love's lust
amongst the trees

the clouds are cloth
embedded symphonies
languages threaded within

torrents of rain
like empty bullets
inflict pain unceasing

lightning strikes
the earth opens
like the gates of heaven

heaven is amongst my eyes
i must be blinded
cries of lost souls

inaudible by the tapping of rain.

taken from the forthcoming project who are you?

— The End —