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ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
They are probably mocking me.
Their blank stares would have sliced me if I haven't looked away.

Would have busking on the streets with a Bible in hand helped me?

I want to cut the ropes that hold my heart tight. They hold my breath too.
To finally see clearly through the thick walls of this cacoon.

I don't know what's holding me back.
From talking to those who are experts of the web, when I am like them myself...
Maybe it's because of the lock the evil one has placed on my mouth when I was younger.
When isolation is my friend and my enemy.
When standing alone in the crowd is my therapy but also reminded me of my weakness.
I guess I would take a long ask someone to fill this survey.
ahhh am taking so long to complete this Geo project whereby I want to and need to ask people with a survey ahhh
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Sun, out for a walk,
On rain holiday survey;
Pleased at his prospects!
Martin Narrod Nov 2017
“And only the azure painted sky to shake the rain from its sound,” so the plain falls, opening its mouth through a bed of headstones dotted with the hollowed trunks of magnolias and cedar at afternoon and that cameo of calamansi velour interwoven with the softest glaucous velvet. Inside that whirlpool of sacrosanct textiles a blur, that shocking shrill of coolness catches the skin- this hole-covered schmata oozing cesious acronychal threads pull tight across the hooves, branches, and stream. Only the thin repelling flume of winter’s height eschews this ianthine material over the sinews and map-lined bones. A corpse shortening its gaze, eyes stone-free, empty of nictitation. Nothing stings more than autumn’s filemot sins scraping sideways down a tiled balcony, and the dove’s beg like circus rats, shaped by the finite breaths of decade’s old poetry edging its moods like a bold inflammatory conflagration of the  de-evolution. While the fulvous trammeled dirt abounds.
Chris Neilson Jan 2017
There's an argument raging
in my neck of the woods
I'm sharing it poetically
for feedback from your 'hoods

Pyjamas worn in supermarket aisles
mostly by women with too little time
to get dressed they are far too busy
anyway, they say there is no crime

It's nobody's business but their own
they say their attire is fine
other shoppers complaining it's shameless
wearing PJ's to buy bottles of wine

A survey said 75% think they're lazy
unhygienic, scruffy, lacking in shame
the other 25% said they're too busy
and anyway surveys are lame
This is the hottest debate in town!
brandon nagley Nov 2015
OK so this isn't a poem, just mine queen Earl Jane also known as can you hear me on hello poetry or just earljane on her profile mine lover keeps saying she isn't beautiful.. She keeps calling herself **** which is far from the truth!!! So this is a little survey just to prove to her since she won't believe mine words on how beautiful elegant gorgeous attractive **** she is!!not just on the outside of her flesh which men btw skin doesn't matter inside does.  But anyways just taking a survey for anyone who sees Jane's beauty on the outside to hit like and sees Jane's beauty on the inside to hit like!! For you who don't know Jane she's the Filipino queen in mine pic next to me... Thanks for reading...

Brandon Nagley....

— The End —