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Day by day I sit in wait
In this apartment of hell that I hate
Every day I open the blinds
to let in sunlight that I hope to illuminate
this dark soul of mine
Is it me that is blind
Is this prison that I perceive real or am I the one who is blind
Ask a spiritualist and they will say it is an illusion
Ask another and they will say it is how you look at it
Either way I am sick and tired
Of this anger that burns inside of me like a fire
Day after day and night after night my soul finds a reason
to moan and complain
My heart is tired and mad I've had enough
I will break out of this soul cage
A prison is not a home
Sometimes the innocent are made captive
Am I innocent or simply ungrateful
I know not the answers to these questions
I do know that I am fed up and I will not
Live my life for other people anymore
I am a lightworker
But if I only live my life for other people
then I am not shining my light am I
Which is what I came here to do
Maybe that will help me fulfill my mission to heal others
blazing soul Jun 2020
Hearts filled with glorious candor upon perceiving it..
Skins gladdens upon it's rays..
Nature is rejuvenated upon it's sparkle..
It envelops the vast gloomy soul into a singulate bloomy hyperbole.

Sleep in the eyes,
Hunger in the belly,
Straying memories augmented with dreams,
Striving to relegate the soul into a limbo.
The fire in the soul strives to keep it alive..
I can't say exactly how you can, forwhy,  everyone acts according to his/her disposition... But in the name of your greatest fear, pleasure and languor  never allow the soul fire to be extinguished.
Elioinai May 2016
spreads out above
against the sky
like stars
and fireflies

Flecks of green
and swirls of deeper blues
these take upon our souls' bright hues
I love starry night art. It brings such a quiet joy to my heart

— The End —