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adshimabuko Nov 2014
i remember your empty look
and the way you held your prinde
and me,

watching in the distance
watching you try to fix yourself
withouth me,

i don't get what changed in your head
but i'm not going to find your old self

i don't want to waste my life
in a bar,
drinking love until  it leaves a scar

the heat in my heart,
no longer catching fire

though i recall the constellations
that i once drew
with the freckles
of your back
adshimabuko Jun 2014
In class the teacher asked
To write a list of our bad habits
Your name showed up in my list

By that time
I knew I would fall in love
With anything that would remind me
Of how it felt to be alive

I was taught that roses can grow anywhere
And that I had to be careful
Whose heart I choose to grow them
My bad

They told me I deserved better
But the ones I deserved
Were chasing girls
They didn’t

I learned the hard way
That life is much like a party
You arrive at your fullest
And get out like ****

Falling in love reminds me of being drunk
Not matter how bad the hangover is
You would still drink again
Because the feeling it gives you
Is indescribable

I know I’m getting older
Because my childhood dream
Of being invisible
Has turned into a nightmare

The edges of my soul
Are sharper now
I’ve got some demons inside
Don’t get too close darling

Fire raises like a work of art
In front of me
And it keeps me from seeing
It’s burning my life to ashes

You could have stopped all of this
But you ran away
Like a poem
With feet
And a heartbeat

— The End —