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Kennedy Sep 2019
Through each situation,
           You’re a new person, conformist.
Body like a snake,
                The serpent himself
        See him? Contorting, twisting, fitting.
He’s the Man of the hour.
                Dripping like solid gold, are his words.
                        The “audience” stands captivated.
          Almost frozen, I’ve lost my tongue.
Unable to speak, I’m no match
          - For you.
Broadsky Feb 2019
There we were, slowly kissing, hands finding their old familiar places. Your mind is as quick as a whip, and has the sting of one too. Your words slide off your silver tongue and into my fresh water river. I pause and take a break only to be left on the edge of the bed crying into my water cup, with you there, back turned- you're cold. You're cold and prideful, didn't I know this? Didnt I know this before climbing back into bed with you, you sly snake devil with blue eyes. You have left me with a hoarse throat, a battered heart, and a dry empty river bed. One day I will flourish again.
April 5, 2018
Sydney Marie May 2016
using big words to
make you
sound smart,

isn't smart
Falling for a demon boy
No shock from a silver tongue girl
But is it worth it to be his toy?
And feel my own world begin to whirl?
He is of lust, yet I am of love
And his eyes and my heart may get along
But the voices from above
Tell me this is all so wrong
I knew I'd fall if he called may name, asking for me back.
But what is it that makes me feel cold? What is it that my heart may lack?
I fear that he will leave me, break my heart again
And watch as I die of a broken heart, and see my own story end.
What is it about this demon boy, that I love so much?
I can't explain it at all, because I know it is more than lust.
It isn't all about his looks, even though he does have charm.
It's not that he's my hero, because he has caused me harm.
Maybe it is that darkness, in which I seem to know.
For I seem more afraid of the light than the dark.
Just as I fear summer and enjoy the winter snow.
I would never swim with fish, but I'd prefer the shark.
Always on the dark side, always in misery.
For misery loves me and my company.
Maybe this boy is Misery, that is just his secret name.
And all of my feelings, to him is just a game.
For how am I to know trust? When he will hardly speak my name
More concerned with calling me territory than treating me at least human.
Maybe this love is where the happiness will end and my life of dedication to him will begin.

— The End —