Cné 3d

slipping in her wet painted petal
bitten by the sting of his bee
her first time, he fumbles being gentle
excitement dancing in his driving need

instinctively possessed
arcing her hips experimentally
his maleness sweetly carressed
teasing his need, tremendously

each submersion in her sweetness
peaking waves swelling in her breast
entwining rhythmic explosiveness  
pulsating gush, plunging over the crest

Metaphorically speaking... lol
M Harris 3d

Electric Dreams Of My Radioactive Ex,
Bio-Digital Jazz Tap Dancing Us Into Sex,

Lucid Infatuations Infused In Whiskey,
Cupid Fairytales Conceiving Frisky,

A Perpetual Beauty Smoldered In Ecstatic Bliss,
Sublime Sins Between Her Rosy Lips With Velvet Kiss,

Romantic Burns Galvanized In Her Erotic Desires,
Seductive Stardust Enchanting My Feisty Fires,

Encoded Serenity In Her Decoded Virginity,
Recoding Obscenities Of Her Fragrant Sexuality,

Hazel Echoes Raining Intimate Bouquets,
Rekindling, Her Drug That Fondles In Her Moaning Glaze,

Enraptured Catalysts Animating In Her Cuddles,
Euphoric Elations Climaxing Into Her Satin Snuggles.

-  02:17AM -

zebra 3d

kisses on your warm sweet mouth
tender lips caressed
exploring your breasts and raised nipples ..
belly and thighs enveloped
those eager dark delicious places that i covet so
your musk erogenous
the path to your hungry soul
eater of the poison apple
your eyes widen bright with delight
a strange synesthesia you say
your smile a hypnotic alter
you prone
back arched
belly willing
as i drag a curved blade slowly across your winsome flesh
worshiping you
breathing your warm breath into my mouth and nostrils
come now
you coo
i am sheildless

then little strangles that excite
to see how you do
will you love it
adorations twisted mind
she demon
a dizzy Venus

please yes
her cunt drenches the bed
a warm viscosity
legs widen
feet piqued
exotic delicatessen

i enter with long sweet butter strokes
the sabbath of desire
I swear
i wont let you suffer...
never !
why you say?
because i love you
lovely scythe you call
as if lulled to sleep
whispering dreadful incantations   .
i ache to close the curtain
to lifes scalding chatter
wrap me
in a raggy shawl
impale the throat
like ive alway dreamed
a last exhalation
flood gates pour forth
as deaths dark fold
dissolves all

i rock you drugged
absinthe and wormwood
a last snuff of candles flame
white gauze cinched
lips on a lost mouth
eyes a static pyre

i linger
wishing you still plush
an animated glow
so that i could feel your arms,
now milky white relics
only to take you all over again and again and again
dreamer of the abyss
yet you stand
aberrations, smoke ghost
sacrificially swaying your hips
calling from Hades
dancer of ritual copulation
i melt like wax in the sun
and die myself
marriage Italian style
dead bells in love
blotted out by the Sirens of Mara

Mara ..Greek Damon of deception and distorted thinking

Feed me your cum and chocolate
I’m starving for you
Tie my wrists above my head
Tie down my ankles to the bed
Make my body bare
Expose my delicate parts to your eyes
Flutter your finger up inside me, like a butterfly
You’re breathing hard, my heart is beating fast
Your body is my blanket, lay on top of me
And go in hard, I can’t be quiet with your dick so slick
Just make your mess in my clit
I’m restrained by you, you’re a powerful man
No one but you can love me like you can
But you took away my orgasm, you didn’t finish me
Now my body is exhausted, and you stopped when it was grieving to be released.
Now you have me begging and whining
You covered my eyes, took away all my sight
Now I can’t see the pleasure on your face when your penis is lifting inside me
My wrists are burning and my ankles are aching
Your words are demanding and your voice is calming
You’re sitting on my stomach; your dick is on my breast
You took a piece of chocolate and laid it on my tongue, you demanded me to chew it, so I did.
Then you took another and placed it on my tongue, but you told me to let it melt, so I did.
I could hear you pleasing yourself
Your hot and heavy breaths
I’m moaning and begging you to please let me have you, I can’t reach you
It’s all up to you… But I need you
You thrusted your penis in my throat
Your cum was gushing and the chocolate was mixing
You were moaning loudly
And I was swallowing your Cum and Chocolate.

hear my name

spoken from your insides


than you'd ever known

watch your mask shatter

into pieces

with every moan

wonder, what the hell was that

in other words

redefine a word


there's a reason I'm known

watch your mind fall into a beautiful mess

let me make love to you

let me make art in my zone

let me give your nerve endings

your dilating pupils

firework explosions

lustful erosions  

with every touch

you are the canvas

yielding to my brush

let it dance in your bloodstream

let me trace your scars

free you through sensations

you've never felt so far

my voice is your fast shallow breath

your ribcage my opera house

your body holds sanctity

you're a chapel

to me you may confess

you call

I call

we arrange it

we're in love with discreet

it will take us hours

it goes beyond sweeping you off your feet

you won't stop wanting more

it's like cocaine

you'll feel my breath

through a phone, you'll

remember the heartbeats

their pace

the fiery red pulse lingering

in every spot of your face

I will love you

if you show worthy

with every atom of my body

but out of every woman, still

I have not met you

so I paint

with courtesy

and, so, let my primitively artful soul

turn you into poetry.

your sexually feminine

your crazy adventurous

your madly rebellious

but elegantly refined


dissolves all intent

to distill these words

in an aesthetic formation

for what I see will never

and can never

be portrayed in words

no matter how brillaintly put

Robert Bly's structuring of words

must fail to deliver

the beautiful potency

in the structure of your


-Bassel M. Abouzahr

Something inside my chest is creeping
A void of darkness that keeps me blinded.
As the fog covers my eyes I lose every drop of humanity
Without my humanity I'll lose my sanity
To maintain my sanity I indulge to sexual activities and found a paradise in hell

Pretty bad.

Do you see me?
Or are you blind like your mother?

I'll ask again.
Do you see me?
Or are you blind like your mother?
Don't tell me your deaf either.
That's not the answer I'm looking for.
I would have never burnt the bridge if you had never fallen off it.
Yet you still say you have the honor to sit so happily upon a throne that was not crafted in your name.
Are you blind like your mother?
Can you not see me?
Because if you can not see me, then I have no choice but to talk.
And I'm losing faith in dancing.
Because I'm almost sure you can not see me.

Maybe you’re both.
Deaf and blind,
because I have not heard any such news from you of an inability to see.
Or maybe you’re just inconsiderate.
Maybe you’re just mean.
Maybe you’re just dead.

Maybe I’m just lost.

Now that I think about it, I’m the blind one.
I’m the one whose face is smushed into the pillows, correct?
Isn’t that how it’s always been?
The realization, dawned sun, is crushing.
I’ma wait for the set though.
Soon the moon will be there in replacement.
Just to match my blue heart and blue eyes.

And when the sun arrives once again,
to complement my red blood splattered on the tile,
I will have my wish.
To meet and beat your blind mother.

Feeling somewhat lost,
Understanding myself,
Control is necessary,
Kindling my desire.

Make art with me,
Everything must go.

Heart in your hand,
Aching for the squeeze,
Reaching for the kiss,
Deprived and prepared.

Joe and Marie
Had their eyes on one another
Throughout Bible Study.
After the session was over
And the Group socialized  
Over coffee and cake,
Joe approached Marie and said,
"I think I'm confused about certain Passages in the Book of John."
"Maybe, you could help me clarify the Meaning?"
"Why, sure, Joe," Marie responded.
"Why don't you come over to my Place after the Social is over?"
The Elders in the Group smiled at Joe and Marie.
They were certainly becoming Good Christians!
As soon as Marie let Joe into her Apartment,
They started tearing off each other's clothes.
Joe reached down under Marie's panties
And her vagina was already wet.
I guess that was the Clarification of the Biblical Verse
He was looking for?

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