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LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
The beauty of a *****
Is predefined by her face
Her smiles shows how touchy
the ******* is
A moment with her is like
the best day of my life.
A hug with her is like
A life time *** experience
Her peck makes me drain
and fulfilled
The memories afterwards is unexplainable
I asked for a visit to my house
She look sweet in her no bra,
soft black half short gown,
showing her shinning thigh
and high heel on her foot.
All i can see now is a nice cleavage,
and ****** under cloth.
Then I hug her in.
I didn’t wanna leave her,
Her perfume is sensual’
I make her sit on a couch
She looks at me wanting me to say something
I’m scared cos she’s bad to me
I asked for her favorite
She said white wine
We both took a toss
We looked at each other,
She asked, why.
I said what !
She smiled
I said why ?
She said nothing,
I moved closed to her,
but shy.
She sighed,
I took courage,
I touched her thigh,
But couldn’t move it
Cos I was shy
She looked at me
I mean my ****
She saw me hard.
She wowed,
I said what,
She said this,
I took her hand gently on my Jean
to feel it.
why I gently move mine on her thigh. She felt my **** getting bigger
While I was also making a move through her short gown.
She was breathing fast.
I got to her hips,
touch’ her pant.
Rub my hands around.
We couldn’t resist
I knee in front of her
Slightly moved my two hands to her thighs,
And move her **** short gown up
I slowly removed her pant
Got her eyes kissed,
While i unzip her dress-half way
Took her shoulder to rest on the couch
Then i pull her-legs wide open.
What a nice smell down here
at a snail's pace i eat em’all.
Drew the ******* nearer
Her Legs vibrates
Lick underneath,
with my tongue ready to **** harder.
Took my tongue to her ****. She scream for more
She draw me closer to untie my zip
Saw me ready to insert.
She got them to her hands
And do her thing
She took my ***** to her mouth and dangle it.
Make them wetter.
Licked every part of it wetly
she got the thing bigger
While I completely undressed her
I saw the ****** up
Another thing
that got my **** heavier
I-stood her up to **** the ****** out. She hold my head tightly
While she continuously feel it.
After a while,
i carried her to my waterbed
Both naked.
I Play a slow romantic music
Took her legs up.
While her ****** was slightly opened
I took my wet **** into her.
In and out slowly, until she ask me to **** her harder.
I bend her thigh over to her chest.
While i insert all my **** in her Pusey
She said Yes, yes
I made her call her mum name several times.
She sweat off.
I gave her the full option
I later slept on her,
While i gently romance my **** inside her *****
Touching the peak of her ****** wall.
She said yes thats it thats it.
I later stood up and took one leg up and one leg on the bed.
And gave her another tight style
She breathe for joy
She said she loves me
I sharply turn her over for a doggy
I widen her leg and struck the **** in.
She thirst for this for long
I ride her till her leg vibrates no more.
Her ringing tone is fantastic and
Her tone later got me ****** on her face
A 33 minutes hot *** got served
She thanked me
Styles Nov 2022
Our lips,
melt each others,
when they touch.
Styles Nov 2022
Your ******* aching
    your ***** leaking
       lips throbbing

You need a rod
       to fill you
leave you
  with pleasure
as juices
Styles Nov 2022
Cuddle me in your arms,
Keep me warm
Cuddle me with your legs
Keep me hard
Cuddle me with your ***
Keep me going
Zywa Nov 2022
Alas, making love

is the worst, so self-conscious --

we are, both of us.
Letter 3, to Theo Peeters, spring 1966 ("A pleasant postumity: letters 1965-1997", 2004, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Shortages"
Zywa Nov 2022
She doesn't want to smell

like she does smell now, unwashed --

It's turning men on.
"Farah Mills" (2017, Ivo Victoria)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Styles Nov 2022
I love the way your lips devour me, and your tongue explores me.
Styles Oct 2022
***** Fingers;
     On sticky lips,
      a creamy delight
      to be licked
      and enjoyed
Jay earnest Oct 2022
I've never met a ******* like this.
My ex would complain of my *** tasting
like battery acid and would always put on a pouty child's face when
her *****
was the strongest I've ever had to trek into.
Yet I would make her *** numerous times because I thought I loved her
and could see past superficial
     c r a p.

but this new girl,
***, so young but ***** as though she's a seasoned pornstar. She'll dislocate her throat like a boa and engulf my **** and as I *** and spurt into it she inhales it and then gently moves to my *****
and caresses my **** then kisses all over my thighs and says "thank you daddy, that was yummy"

She does this multiple times a day. some girls are fakers, this isn't one.
I'm looking forward
to the pissplay tomorrow
Zywa Oct 2022
I pulsate shock waves

of pleasure that start pushing --

tides into the sea.
"The dream of the fisherman's wife" (2017, Manon Uphoff)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
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