lex  Nov 2014
sex+ sex-
lex Nov 2014

in the asexual community,
a lot is done to coddle the sexual interests of those who don't feel sexual attraction.
the thing is, sex negatives are often ignored.
sex positives get countless affirmations, but sex negative are pushed under the rug.
simply put, all people are important regardless of sexual desire.

William Barry  Jun 2014
William Barry Jun 2014

Making love,
a sweaty pit stop
between the sheets.
All guilty of this bittersweet act of sticky significance.
All willing to tangle our limbs every night.

liza  Jan 2015
liza Jan 2015

There are some places that can't be touched and there are some places that can't be kissed and there are some places that need to be kissed and some of those places haven't been discovered. I'm a handbook. Sex is like drivers ed. Am I crying, or shaking from pleasure? Dirty. Sometimes hands are there that aren't really. Sometimes fare fine linen fingers feel like brown bony paws that don't listen to "let go".
Fuck me. Even when my eyes get glossy and you're wondering if I'm still there. I'm there. Grab me. Sex isn't always this way.

Sometimes I'm in charge, but it isn't freaky. Don't call me a freak, call me lovely. I can fuck fuck fuck, but don't whisper that it's dirty; it isn't "dirty". Sweating and running make-up. Heavy breathing. Wheres my body, wheres my mind? Don't call it nasty. It's not "nasty". Grabbing, groping, grinding; it isn't lewd. Don't call me a slut.
Touch me and remind me that I'm pleasing. Touch me and remind me that there's only me. Touch me and enjoy it. Enjoy me.
I want the lights on. I want the lights off. I want you you you.

Sex isn't always this way; sometimes I'm in charge.

Madison  Dec 2014
Madison Dec 2014

"Writing is like sex-
First, you do it for love,
Then you do it for your friends,
And then you do it for the money."

Virginia Woolf
Mica Light  Jun 2014
Mica Light Jun 2014

It doesn't obligate a relationship.
Nor does a relationship obligate sex.
Sex is an expression of a feeling for another being.
And it shall be pursued as such and nothing else.

Not as a label. A habit.
(Self-destructive or otherwise.)
Not for pity. For lack of self awareness.
Not for boredom or distraction from life.
Not for obligation or money.
Never when you don't want to.
But for when you do.

As pure expression.
For the moment you couldn't stop yourself if you tried.
The desire long haunting you.
Overwhelmingly and thoughtlessly,
immersed in a kiss.
A caress.

To share an Aura with someone so unbelievably magnetic,
and picturely poetic.
Every smile, thought and fault,
Is frozen in time.
A moment catching its beauty.


It's for that special person you kissed a year ago,
And you can't forget the taste of their lips.

It's for the one who's eyes,
speak louder than words and actions all together.
Finding you timelessly, again in your dance.

For the one you took for granted.
That you knew you should have held a bit longer,
But couldn't because a vampire had your heart.

It's for the one you're most nervous about.

The one that creeps into your mind and you're not sure why.

The one that makes you want to scream :: "Take Me Away!"

Regardless, whoever + whenever,  have one vow:

<<< Do It Only If They Drive You Wild. >>>

~Save it ~4luv. &lt;3
Moll  Oct 2014
Moll Oct 2014

Sheepishly blinking
Trembling hands at the ready
Skin flushing deep pink

Hands gently exploring skin
As their pure bodies entwine

Renga poems are fun aha
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