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The Good Pussy  Sep 2014
The Good Pussy Sep 2014

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William Barry  Jun 2014
William Barry Jun 2014

Making love,
a sweaty pit stop
between the sheets.
All guilty of this bittersweet act of sticky significance.
All willing to tangle our limbs every night.

Aaron Knockovich  Apr 2014
Aaron Knockovich Apr 2014

The most awkward five minutes of my life.

Sam Clemens  Mar 2014
Sam Clemens Mar 2014

The moment of
Where ragged breath is
And for a second,
gravity consumes the both of us

A small section from a longer poem
Bethany  May 2015
Bethany May 2015

i am innocent
i am not a virgin
i have not been stripped of my innocence
i have been stripped
and teased
and pleasured
i'd love to see the look on a republicans face when i say
sex is fun

liza  Jan 2015
liza Jan 2015

There are some places that can't be touched and there are some places that can't be kissed and there are some places that need to be kissed and some of those places haven't been discovered. I'm a handbook. Sex is like drivers ed. Am I crying, or shaking from pleasure? Dirty. Sometimes hands are there that aren't really. Sometimes fare fine linen fingers feel like brown bony paws that don't listen to "let go".
Fuck me. Even when my eyes get glossy and you're wondering if I'm still there. I'm there. Grab me. Sex isn't always this way.

Sometimes I'm in charge, but it isn't freaky. Don't call me a freak, call me lovely. I can fuck fuck fuck, but don't whisper that it's dirty; it isn't "dirty". Sweating and running make-up. Heavy breathing. Wheres my body, wheres my mind? Don't call it nasty. It's not "nasty". Grabbing, groping, grinding; it isn't lewd. Don't call me a slut.
Touch me and remind me that I'm pleasing. Touch me and remind me that there's only me. Touch me and enjoy it. Enjoy me.
I want the lights on. I want the lights off. I want you you you.

Sex isn't always this way; sometimes I'm in charge.

I am not the dude who can give you
That superorgasm you want.
I am not the dude
Who can fuck you for ten hours straight,
But I'm not the dude
Who will beat you to a pulp
And send you to the Hospital
That you fell for
'Cause you were
A horny-ass bitch.

This poem was composed at the Central Branch of the Denver Public Library on November 27, 2016.
Chuck  Aug 2014
Chuck Aug 2014

      catches your

     busted to the

     got ya

Edward Coles  Sep 2014
Edward Coles Sep 2014

My sex drive would cause earthquakes,
but I can never find the time
to leave this place,
this bed-side lamp,
and away from poor attempts at rhyme.

Depression is a tired old topic.
But sex is forever at hand
to pin you down,
to win you round,
slinking off to the toilet in my dressing gown.

I know you feel a belonging
to the archives of music,
you drink in bed,
and sink on in,
to the restless call of another troubled head.

I will find restoration
held between your slender legs.
It is all we've got,
in this paradise lost,
in this sweaty reclaim,
to a feeling we'd forgot.

Going down is not an art,
but a way of keeping young.
How can you claim to love
what you won't dare to kiss?
How will you ever hear her siren song?

Anoushka Bhalla  Nov 2014
Anoushka Bhalla Nov 2014

Through the naked crest of your back
The dips above your clavicles
And the way I lunge at your jaw.

Through pale hands and swollen lips
And heavy eyes

It echoes

Resonates through thin air
And seeps into the cracks of the walls
The way it collides with your skin
And buries through the flesh

That moment, awakening, I got through
You know now how much I love you

Phoenixstar  Oct 2016
Phoenixstar Oct 2016

I want to climb inside your body
move around in your skin
grasp and kiss your body
sending shivers deeper than within
two bodies joined in unison
penetrating heat
melt us from the outside in
sensual movements
you finish twice, before I even begin

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