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kinhanyon May 2020
"No one can Know!"

How far is the river would flow,
or even trashed ***

One it brings such a breath for creatures
Two it cost live a dust to seekers

'Lili, if you trully love em? Would you risk your life everyday to keep em?'
Since the eye talks
And the will *****

He did well didnt he? in every step
or single of beat that cracks

For thou! Feel that must not be unseen
or evident as at present
Love to his queen,
This particularly words comes from a potterhead shorts,
writerReader Jan 2015
there was an old man
he wore a billowing cape
ebony his eyes
lillie Jan 2016
you loved and destroyed me
*but came back with tragedy

Dedicated to my character's actor--Severus Snape.
(Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You will be remembered.)
Erica Dec 2014
For you have your mother's eyes, dear child
And my heart sinks lower every time I look
Because you are a reminder of what I've failed to do
A reminder that I was a coward
And when I gathered my courage it was too late
Your mother died knowing I was only bad
She died before ever hearing my goodbye
She died before ever knowing what's in my heart
And that night, she brought all goodness in me to die along
And left my broken heart shattered to pieces, beyond repair
A free verse on what Snape might have felt everytime he looked at Harry.

— The End —