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mae Feb 2020
He said,

          “For a girl who never had a boyfriend, you seem to have your heart broken a lot.”

She said,

          “That’s the thing about love, you don’t have to be in a relationship to get your heart broken.”
“Even blindly loving a**holes like you could end up with me, getting a broken heart!”
mae Feb 2020
they call me
drama queen
because they can’t see
my real pain within
Kayla Dec 2019
You weren't mine
You never were
So why did it hurt so much to see you with her?
Samm Marie Moore Aug 2016
Easy targets make for great alibis
Because the fear stricken in their hearts
Will make them say any lies
Easy targets make for great playthings
You can't help but to manipulate their minds
Tugging on their marionette strings
Easy targets make for great alibis
Because they choke when they try
To utilize their own voice
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2015
Dirtbag Republicans

Mud slings podiums
On national stage what disgrace
They all stoop so low

Scary Buffoons

Republican Song
Bigots and cowards d'baiting
Sing: 'send in the clowns'

Conservative Budget Logic

Food stamp program bad
Trillion dollar wars so good
No child left a dime

CON-servative Wackos

All crazy on stage
None flew over cuckoo's nest
Wait till one holds office
Mr B Aug 2015
How did I get here from where I was before,
A little weekend dabble and never wanted more,
I cannot become addicted, too good for that I'm sure,
But looking back I underestimated the power and the lure,
Half a packet here and there become 1 or 2 a week,
The lure of the white powder, I start becoming weak,
Sneaky packets in the day, trying to conceal,
Then when caught, convincing people that it's no big deal,
Lying to your loved ones, lying all day long,
Hiding from everyone and singing the paranoia song,
Once I pop I cannot stop till all the powder goes,
Doesn't seem to matter that I can't smell through my nose,
Nobody understands me or what I'm going through,
To them they think it's just a joke and don't believe it's true,
But I can confirm I'm an addict and I want you all to know,
And help me get away from this evil pure white snow,
I want to stop, I want it gone, I want it out my life,
I want to be a decent Dad and have a loving wife,
******* has been so evil and sneaky in its way,
Never think that you are too good to be lead astray,
Addiction is for junkies and skanks I used to spout,
Now I realise I didn't know what I was talking about,
I've nearly lost all I love and never felt so low,
I really need you to go *******, you really have to go.
Rhianecdote Nov 2014
It's sad but true.
And they ask me do I miss you?
And I reply how can you miss someone you're not even sure you knew?

                                  It's sad but true.

— The End —