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Nathalie Jul 2018
Bask honourably in the glory that shines upon you... Be grateful for the victories that have taken humble residence in your life...Embrace each new day as if it was a new present being unwrapped for the very first time...Share your joys and your triumphs with those around you...Place your hands in prayer and bow in gratitude to all the blessings that breathe love into your life...

Not heeding the real Truth of Christ,
will lead us into derailed victories;
in addition, we’ve been challenged to
question and make spiritual inquiries

regarding the legitimacy of His Word.
We need to be diligent in our studies
of the Scriptures, showing ourselves
approved of Him and not lazy nobodies,

who remain ignorant of His principles.
After all, it’s The Spirit’s pleasure
to lead us into everlasting Truth; our
inclination is to have that treasure…

of Christ within our hearts each day
and to enjoy the presence of His sway!
Inspired by:
2 Cor 2:14; Judg 18:5-6; John 16:13-15;
Matt 6:21; Psa 119:10-17; Col 3:1-3

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
sometimes you enter the maw of the beast;
severed heads lie around still watching,
and you march forth into the bowels of hell
fighting off fears, horrors and demons
own and foreign
for the ultimate prize
taking home the devil
I set out to be a better man,
And though the path is littered
With the remains of those
Who faltered at the gate,
Those who failed further on,
And every poor soul who’s still crawling by,
Battered and embittered
By the trials of the trail,
It’s these little victories
That keep me going,
Choosing love over hatred,
Kindness over cruelty,
Calm over that brutal impulse
Deep within each of us,
Sight over blindness,
Speech over silence.
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Thomas EG Dec 2015
I notice the symmetry in your face
You look in every direction but mine
We rush and crash through the night
Across traintracks, through tunnels

I admire the strong structures
Glowing beneath these festive lights
You are hiding insecurities behind
A temporary mask of excitement

Could-have-been tragedies
Become appreciative victories
We are mere trembling bodies
Amongst a crowd of confidence

Relief pours over us, flowing fast
Reducing our uncertainties
Reusing forgotten identities
Recycling mistreated potential

Relaxing, finally in tact...

— The End —