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****** fools
Foolishness is in your blood
No way in sight, I regret
To remove it
Would genetic engineering ever do it?
A popular figure on social media
Sings paeans on Indian forefathers
They knew of God particle over thousands years
God is in every particle
Our religion tells us
Problem is we don't admit it
Until foreigners tell us
What is God?
What is particle?
Have you ever understood these?
Don't equate God with physicality
And a particle made of God
Know the difference between
The Creator and the created
Know God getting meditated
Know particle studying
Scientific literature
For scientists when it
Comes to explain and predict
Planetary motion
Sun, Moon, Earth...
Are particles
When it comes to
Structure of matter and fundamentals
Atoms, electrons, protons, Higgs Boson...
Are particles
There are particles within particles
There are elementary particles
Within which no particles
Quarks, Leptons, Bosons types of elementary particles
Of Bosons, Higgs Boson one such particle
Predicted by Peter Higgs sixty years ago
It took long fifty years
Of strenuous thinking and efforts
Besides billions of dollars
To detect and confirm its existence
A Nobel laureate, Lederman
Wrote a book on it in 1990 with the title
"******* PARTICLE"
Poking fun how difficult it was to detect it
Publishers are shrewd people
They made the title of the book fascinating and fashionable
So that wildly it sells
It is their business
But many scientists do grudge it
They are against this nickname
As Higgs Boson has nothing to do with God
Peter Higgs himself is an atheist
This is just for your brief
There's no dearth of ****** fools
And majority inclined to be fooled!
Michael R Burch May 2020
by Thomas Campion
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Booksellers laud authors for novel editions
as pimps praise their ****** for exotic positions.

This is my translation of a Latin epigram by the English poet Thomas Campion. In Campion’s era some English poets continued to write poems in Latin and/or Greek. For instance, John Milton and Andrew Marvell wrote poems in Latin, while Shakespeare was criticized by Ben Jonson, if I remember things correctly, for having “little” Greek and Latin.

Not being “versed” in the senior languages was seen as a deficiency in literary circles back then. Shakespeare was called an “upstart crow” for daring to write “litter-chure” without a proper university degree. How could he properly quote the ancients if he couldn’t read them in their original languages? The Bard of Avon was doomed to failure and obscurity … or perhaps not, since the English language was finally in vogue in England (where for centuries English kings had been unable to read, write or even speak the mother tongue, preferring French, Latin and Greek).

My title is a bit of a pun, because novels were new to the world when they first arrived, and were thus considered by the literary elites to be “novelties” not on par with more serious verse plays. Some of the more popular early novels were “subversive” (pardon the pun) explorations of ****** naughtiness, through characters like Tom Jones, Moll Flanders, et al.

Campion probably didn’t have such campy (enough with the puns, already!) novels in mind when he wrote his epigram, since the more titillating (cease! desist!) ones had yet to arrive. But perhaps he would prove to be a “profit” (I’m udderly hopeless!).

Keywords/Tags: Campion, Latin, translation, epigram, novels, novelties, booksellers, publishers, authors, pimps, ******, prostitutes, prostitution, exotic, positions
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Thomas Campion
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Booksellers laud authors for novel editions
as pimps praise their ****** for exotic positions.


Original Latin text:

by Thomas Campion

Impressionum plurium librum laudat
Librarius; scortum nec non minus leno.

Keywords/Tags: Campion, Latin, translation, epigram, novels, novelties, booksellers, publishers, authors, pimps, ******, prostitutes, prostitution, exotic, positions, quote, quotation, saying, witticism, bon mot
Imbongi ngumakhi May 2019
Ndikhumbula ezontsuku sihleli kunye sithandana,Kwaku mnandi ngezontsuku Sthandwa Sam,kwa Ku ngekh'onenzondo nanqala komnye,yayi luthando lwentliziyo ne mincili phakathi kwam nawe.

Ubundithanda,ndikuthanda, suke wangen'umtyholi phakathi kwam nawe,labhubhuzel'ibhabhathane kweyakhw'ingqondo,wandishiya ndisakuthanda Sthandwa Sam,wandishiya ndili lolo Themba lam.

Bendikukhonzile,ndiku thembile.Bendisithi soze thina sohlulwe na kukufa! Kanti ndiyazikhohlisa.Nanga awokugqibela,uzuhlale uyazi ndiyakudinga.Ngaphandle kwakho ndililolo.

Buya Sthandwa Sam ndiya kukhumbula! Buya Themba lam ndiyakudinga! Obam ubu doda bemka mhla kumka Wena! Buya Sthandwa Sam uzolungis'ikhaya liyadilika!Buya Sthandwa Sam uzobuyis'obam ubudoda!!
Like my page good people plzz!
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
There is no money in poetry

The foundations have been laid, now the money needs to be made.
I want to become a full time poet; how do I make this pay?
Is there anybody out there willing to offer a helping hand?
If poems were worthy £1, I would have made a grand.

What is poetry worth?
I know the value of words;
But what hope is there for a future,
When poetry is all free, just like music?
We live in a changing world.

Still seeking a publisher;
Still seeking inspiration.
Still seeking enlightenment;
Still in need of a vacation.

I write at least one poem a day; now I’m on book twenty two.
I like that Twenty One Pilots song they are playing;
I wish I could know what you think.  What will it take to prove,
That people like my poetry and the words that I use?
No other job will ever inspire me, I have a vocation;
This is my truth.  This is what I do.

Please send a sign, or a contract to sign;
It’s a sign of the times, that there is no money in rhymes.
I’m not asking for much money; just enough to live comfortably.
I dream of having my books published; no I’m not being funny.

I’m deadly serious; this is what I need, what I want.
I want to be a poet; I will do whatever I must.
My life is too short on this Earth to be lying, in the sun;
I must write, I must yearn; I must believe and I must trust.

One thousand poems written; some good, some bad.
But the majority are welcomed with open hands.  I gave it all I had.
I am still a novice; I am always honest.
I am getting better with age; even if this poem doesn’t show it.

This is truth, this is real; now let it pay for my meals.
I am humble before all poets; if you ask I will kneel.
I will beg you to just take a look at my works;
Do not judge me by just one poem.  That is all I ask;
Surely this I deserve.

No poet can always be perfect;
My style may be different to theirs,
But we are all worthy of your notice…

Let us know that you care.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sara L Russell Jun 2016
Sara L Russell 8th June 2016*

Dear Sir or Madam, we regret to say
your manuscript is not quite what we need;
so therefore we're returning it today,
with all good wishes that you will succeed.
* * *
Dear [your name here] regretfully these days
we do not read submitted manuscripts;
we're mainly doing television plays
and cannot give out full critiques or tips.
* * *
"I'm sorry but our editor's away
and he's the only one for poetry
what was your name again? But I will say
we will get back to you eventually."
* * *
No news is good news, so we carry on
till everything but desperation's gone.

— The End —