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Amanda Oct 2018
When I was young I wasn’t taught
How poems are written using thought
I have no idea what the poetic terms mean
And lines should be worked until pristine

Alliteration, Anapest, Assonance, Blank verse
Too much for the mind to traverse
Tercet, Trochee, Refrain and stanza line
Apparently free verse means lines don’t rhyme

I feel it’s all a bit clinical and cool
And poetry shouldn’t follow a written rule
It’s not something than can be planned
Like an essay written on demand

Poetry is love, lost and found
It’s anger, regret, a human battleground
It’s all of you, written down on a blank page
It’s grief, laughter, hope and rage

Poetry is a flow of all your fears
Written with ink of salted tears
And emotions tumble into cyber space
Searching for a connection, they cannot trace

Every poet travels the downward dip
Of the emotional power trip
Feels the soul of the written word
That bleeds more freely than the cut of a sword
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
I guess I'll wait. I'm Sick of taking a risks with women that don't compare to you.
Maybe its too late, and trust me it makes me happy to know somebody is taking care of you.
I know I've made mistakes and at times I wasn't being fair to you.
I'm only human, I'll be your friend, you know I'm always here for you.
It's seems impossible , that one day you'll come back and we'll be something.
But I'll wait for you, even if that means I'm waiting for nothing.
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
To close enough to whisper is something I shouldn't consider.
She's prays on lonely hearts, I can feel her, she's a masterful kisser.
Any part of her body can touch your skin and make you shiver.
To resist her, it's like taking off your jacket in a Siberian winter.
She'll get into your blood like an infection.
She's the most powerful temptation.
I call her the queen of affection.
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
You could have seen her complexion,
in the reflection of my eyes from a mile away.
Just like the sunrise, I sensed her light, as if she smiled with rays.
What a way to start the day, blinking years but it was timeless,
It was priceless, I was infirm, she produced a cure like a scientist.
Any part of her body can touch my skin and make me shiver.
To resist her, its like taking off your jacket in a Siberian winter.
Immortalised in pictures and scriptures we had written,
We ruled our land but with powerful questions are great answers that are hidden.

— The End —