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Akaash Patel May 2015
Right now we are a world apart
But there's something I feel,
It resides in my heart.
I can sense you in the summer breeze.
This connection is unstoppable,
I feel you from overseas.
Wish I could be on the next flight.
Give it time, I promise we'll be alright.
I'm here for you, trying to elevate us
to new heights.
I know actions are louder than words,
but right now words are all we have.
I'm just trying to word us right.
Akaash Patel May 2015
I told her to wait,
I said I'm getting my notepad.
She asked what for
I said because
I want to write down
Everything u have to say
I want to research you.
I know that sounds weird.
But learning about you
Makes me feel more intelligent.
I went to school for years
But no information has been
this relevant.
Akaash Patel May 2015
We give each other a certain balance.
Not anybody can figure her out,
she tests me and I love the challenge.
Mysterious, keeping her desires subtle,
She's complex and I've always loved a puzzle.
She has a gift,
her mind
is like an abyss.
Get lost in her depth.
Her thoughts are so deep.
That you could even drown
In the shallow end.
Akaash Patel May 2015
She keeps my soul alive,
I'm content with just the conversations.
Intelligent beauty,
everyday I travel to her imagination.
She gave me her Skeleton key.
I can explore any place in her mind.
Trusting each other with the secrets and fascinations of our lives.

Akaash Patel May 2015
In her letter this is what she told me:
You,re the only one I trust.
I know I disappeared but it was best for us.
I didn't want you to see me when I was sick.
Sorry I kept you away but your love is the only thing that I miss.
I'm trying my best to recover so that I can see you again.
And we can be best friends, this time to the end.
We can take it slow, remove the scars, have a fresh start.
I hope by the time you read this, I'm back in your arms.
And you're telling me you love me.
You're the only reason I haven't slipped away.
But forgive me if I do, just know I'll never stop thinking of you.
Never until my last day.
Akaash Patel May 2015
Take a risk with me.
        I'm going to show you
          That there is much
              More to life
         then what you can see.
      Life's all about taking gambles.
I cant promise you I won't break your heart
Who knows maybe you'll hurt me
But I promise you I'll do anything
to make us last.
       This new journey awaits us
Are you ready?
Akaash Patel May 2015
Society can bring women down so they don't know what their worth.
Heaven ain't hard to find, you can find a true angel on earth.
See it's our job to give them what they really deserve.
They carry on, give you strength the kind that's irreplaceable,
The stress and insecurities hurt them inside, but on the outside their not fazed at all.
If you're blessed that kind of woman will carry your child.
If you're lucky that child will carry her smile.
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