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Astraea May 2017
Every one drawn with care
Fingers laboriously gripping pen
Every etch made under an intense stare
Pen meticulously scratching paper
Every one is an emotion laid bare
Paper carefully folded and kept
A secretive smile flitting across my lips
Astraea Apr 2017
These moments, so fleeting
Deep breaths that I can finally take
The peace, so rare
A time that I can quit thinking of what's at stake

This peace, seemingly imaginary
An illusion created in solitary
Yet the fire ignited, so fierce
A proof of a wonderful reality

I inch trembling fingers into the blaze
Flames licking my fingers, carressing each knuckle
Skin popping and blistering but yet
I defiantly hold the fire's gaze

This flame, had me create a belief
That many things are not what they seem
It may seem silent
But a furious war is blazing

Breaths caught in my throat
Air trying to crawl out from my lungs
A step back, another
In search of the peace, that melodious song

And night falls...
So we fall asleep, tenderly...
When the sun rises again...
...Those moments and flames await

What's your perspective?
Astraea Dec 2016
It's like being a child again
Doodling hearts and
Writing the name of that boy in your textbooks
Or the name of that cute actor from that TV show you really like

Like living in a city
With lights near and far
Looking up into the sky
Barely able to spot a star

When I look into your eyes
I feel myself stop breathing
The intensity, diving into the pools of thought
It's almost hard to keep gazing

Leaning against you, it's like being home
Your arms encircle, and I'm close
I'm untouchable, safe and sound
My comfort cloud at the ends of a million rainbows

I can almost feel your warm embrace
Like a phantom limb I yearn
But it's just not there, unsubstantial
An ache I can't discern

Stray thoughts keep flitting by
Little bubbles I have to pop, can't resist
Pop! There's that smile! Pop! And a laugh!
Oh and that makes your eyes crinkle adorably I must insist

Uncertainty had been warring
On the battlefields of my mind
The throne's been seized, a side has won
I know for sure, this is what's mine

Like living in a country
With summer all year round
Getting ready for Christmas and looking out to see
Not a single flake of snow on the ground

It's like being grown up, but there's still that little girl
That wants to see his name doodled all over
So she writes about him in a journal
And his name is there, everywhere, hidden amongst the sentences
Astraea Nov 2016
What is this feeling
Deep inside myself
A little something stirring
Awakening afresh

What is this sensation
Smile dancing upon the lips
Forcing my mind into concentration
Distracted, off wandering

What is this sentiment
The little things that matter
Deeply-buried excitement
Almost bursting forth

What are these butterflies
Flitting about
A dance amongst the lilies
Everytime he smiles

What are these flushes
A shy dip of the head
Hair swinging forth to hide the blush
I never know what to say

What is this
I've never had before
Little bubbles of joy
It's time for us to explore*

••    ••
••      •      ••
••          ••

First time for everything
  Oct 2016 Astraea
It will always hurt,
the pain will never go away.

Knowing what is known now,
Knowing the hope given for the future,
replaces some of the hurt, with hope.

Memories are never to be forgotten,
yet the past is the past.

Dwelling on what can't be changed,
hinders the continuation of life.

Picking up the baggage will take some time.
Moving on all together will still be the hardest thing to accomplish.

But when the final bag is put on the truck,
and all that has to be done is to drive away,
I will smile, reach over to the dial, and turn on the car radio.

As I pull out of the driveway, the radio will be at its highest,
because looking back, I'll be able to say,
That the music had never faded away.
Thank you for a sense of peace and hope for the future.
Never forget that I, as well as Mom, is always here.
The friendship may have died,
but the sisterhood lives on forever,
even if spoken words are never shared between.
Astraea Oct 2016
Cool metal
******* my cheek

Serrated edge
Eager for an ugly scar

Pointed tip
Gashing open chambers of thought

Tender flesh
Away goes all that once was

Warm memoirs
Out all the used-to-bes*

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