Renee Mar 30

Your obliviousness makes me want to lay out all the suppressed words on the wooden surface -

Would you pick them up
or leave the table?

Muyi Mar 27

I wonder if she feel the fire when she close 2 me
I try 2 keep 2 the shadows so they don't notice me
We always texting n chatting but she don't go wit Me
She still in love wit that nigga, so she don't notice me
Like baby who do u hit up whenever yo rage is pent up
I say n u should get rid of the old, forget that hoe nigga
But he yo 1st so I get it, he own yo soul so I face it
I gotta buy u from buddy or let my burner cremate'em

I hope in time u will c
How much n love we can b
Maybe if I get mo famous
Maybe if I got mo cheese
Maybe if I got u jewelry my love a enter yo soul
Baby wit u Imma sona, without im 'deslant n cold

I think I'll never ever make this right
Cuz cupid gave me bad advice
He told me she will love u back but all she do is fake n fight
He told me id c heaven's gates n all I saw was vacant eyes
Would hurt her if it helped me cope but that means nothing in my life
(I ran outta shit 2 say, but I love u girl. Stop fuckin around n let me have u.....heh heh.......)

My love is an inextinguishable black fire...

What is it that makes me bleed profusely?
I search for this plank in my eye... sawdust?
Like the grains of sand and gravel, subtly,
We then subconsciously blink to adjust,
Avoiding an unfortunate sully.

Blood had spewed everywhere as if a splash!
Blinded and beneath waves of sultriness,
Boiling and cauterizing subtle wounds,
This juxtaposition of subtle pain.

Pain has always been subtle, always has.
Like the way your glasses broke into shards.
I have always known these fragments of glass.
Never blood, sand, gravel, sawdust, a plank.
But your subtle beautiful concussion.

A sonnet of how subtle one can be as they creep around your head and your heart. Enamored by their pain, you seek to comfort them with you yourself dying in agony.

A sudden power outage
Rams home
Light's advantage!

What exactly is meant
By inexorable grief,
Dawned on me
Off my guard
When you
Turned brief,
Setting my heart afire
With anguish
That knows not a relief!

What a dead or dump nose
That doesn't sense
Death hovers close!
That is why
Oblivious to facts on the ground
I stuck to"Forever together!"

The Almighty lends
The bereaved power
To outgrow
Such a gloomy hour!

What a bereaved girl told me while I was expressing condolence following the death of her mother! consoling her, talking with the dead
rey Jan 2015

It's all blurred, and
I don't know whom to fight.

rey Jan 2015

standing between us is a one way mirror
i'm one of the observants
and you're an innocent child who doesn't know anything

Don't Exist Apr 2014

Twitch, Twitch
churned until it turns to a sweet fluid
the mystical food that fills the land with warmth
and light
and depth
churn that butter, rippled with fat
with that wooden broom stick working your magic
let your creation poison the world......

about 14 people to be exact on that day
let the sweat be the honor of your work to the devil
let your wrinkles be the prize of that deed
let your creaky and barren home be the result of your selfishness and obliviousness
you don't care, you never cared
let your Blood Diamonds be the new pandemic of the sorrow, sullen, world.

a simple poem

— The End —