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Cathy Sep 2
We are all under the same sky
And the sun sets as surely
On bad days as on good
And will rise again timely
On tomorrow’s troubles
And light up its joys
However much we try
With procrastinating ploys
To waste away our time
Think of those gone from us
Who wanted just one more day
And night under the same stars
Perhaps their time was short
To dream and look to the sky
So live well and take your chance
Because you can, that’s why
Cathy May 21
As the sun rose a welcome ray
Holding us in its embrace
Was that your spirit come to say
I’ll hold you up and leave a trace
Of goodness in this world?
As the birds sang their hearts out
With the joys of a new day
Was that your spirit come to shout
I’m free, I’m flying, I’m on my way
I’m leaving this world?
As the breeze stirred with sweetness
As we breathed in its scent
Was that your keenness
The last of your energy spent
To reach another world?
Cathy May 1
After you see the look
Of pain and fear in his eye
After you feel the chances
Slipping on by
After you bear witness
To the screaming shaking pain
After the wave of anger
Washes you with blame
After you feel hope slipping
From your very hands
After you soothe and comfort
And hope he understands
After the grief of what can’t be
Of not accepting where you’re at
Good luck finding sweet dreams
After all that
Cathy Apr 16
I’m standing in the spotlight of the gas station
Waiting for the tank to fill
Doing the mundane and ordinary
Glad that I’m not ill
I look up at the inky blackness
So dark against the glare
The wind stirs and snowflakes drift
Towards me standing there
I’m not a fan of winter
My fingers frozen to the bone
I’d rather have a summer day
And make the beach my home
But the beauty in small things
Lifts my heart from doom
Each tiny speck of crystal white
Brightening the gloom
Perhaps they are a blessing
Saying I’ll be alright
Perhaps they are a promise
That I’ll have a better night
Maybe they’re a sign
From one who passed as I held her
A thank you and goodbye
A pause to reflect and remember
Cathy Apr 7
I knew I had a choice in that moment
To either say something or not
I knew it might be my only chance
That I may never have another shot
But I blew it
I couldn’t say a thing
I was afraid of your reaction
And of theirs and that sting
Of your look, hurt yet defiant
And unwilling to admit your part
I know I want to fix it
But don’t know where to start
I know that could have been the moment
I know that could have been key
But I couldn’t walk up to you
With everyone watching me
I’m left with a bad feeling
I guess that’s mine to keep
To dwell on in my own time
And keep me from my sleep
I hope that we can move on
In our separate ways
And remember those times
When we had better days
Cathy Mar 19
He stands there alone studying his list
The warmth making his glasses mist
He squints at the words scribbled down
He didn’t want to go to town
He just needs a few essential things
Stuff his friend usually brings
But now he’s isolated
Alone, desperate, ill-fated
The shelves are ransacked bare
There’s nothing there
He shuffles on his feet
And wonders what he’ll have to eat
He feels an ache in every bone
Contemplates the long walk home
Energy and hope are wearing thin
For old folk just like him
He’s had some troubles in his time
Now let’s make them yours and mine
I saw a sad photo in a UK news site, an elderly man trying to get his groceries and the shelves are stripped from panic buying, please look out for each other x
Cathy Mar 16
Self isolation
From the virus
From social contact
From education
From earning a living
From access to food
From life

Your new friends
Rub shoulders with anxiety
Meet confusion
Find loneliness
Wake up to depression
Try not to sit close to panic
Reach an understanding with grief
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