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Cathy Jul 6
We’ve stopped paying attention
And how hard it is to train the brain
To do something that it hasn’t for years
To listen, it’s always a strain
To switch off the music on repeat
To tune out the vehicular drone
To walk slowly on our own two feet
And switch off the ubiquitous phone
We’ve stopped hearing the song of life
The scratchings and pitter patter
Of feet that are not our own
As if ours are the only ones that matter
Cathy Apr 22
It’s a less beautiful world without you
Sure, the landscape seems the same
And the sky looks just as blue
But there’s a lack of comfort from the sun
As shadows lengthen too

The world still turns through every test
But how can it ever be the same
From sun rise east to sun set west
All joy slipped through our fingers
When we laid you to rest
Cathy Apr 2
You have the power
You do it because you can
To grow more money
Through exploitation
The price is paid
By another
The cost is something
They can’t recover
I know it doesn’t
Matter to you
That I’m here
Begging too
You’ve heard it before
And it falls
On deaf ears
Like the bird calls
Another cut
Is made
And more lives
Are taken in trade
For the ancients
There’s no coming back
As they are laid
Stack by stack
And carted off
Down the blasted road
They should stand tall
Not be dead and towed
Once they’re gone
And none are left
Will you too then
Stand bereft?
You’ll have to find
A new way to make a living
Knowing from history
That you learned nothing
You can’t undo
This kind of mistake
But what do you care?
You take take take
I did so want to reach out
To those giants and see
Unbroken uncut untouched
Forests with tree after tree after tree
Cathy Mar 24
My boy has gone
My wonderful beautiful boy
He was my world,
My life, my everything, my joy
The house is empty now
An all encompassing emptiness
It swallows what is left
And leaves a crushing loneliness
It grabs me round the neck
And chokes the sobs out strangling
I’m so tired and worn out
I can’t talk or think of anything
But my boy is gone
Cathy Feb 6
An absence
Of what was going to be
Now gone with barely a trace
You can see it
It looks like the tears on her face
You can hear it
It sounds like the break in her voice
But you can’t touch it
It’s hers to nurse or ignore, her choice
You can feel it
But it’s too late to fix now, it’s there
What’s done is done
Maybe it will fade in time, with care
Perhaps it will flare to anger
Watch the repercussions grow
Can anything soften that hurt?
Only she can know.
Cathy Jan 28
Something I’m not going to say
Is goodbye
It doesn’t come easy for me
That’s why
I wear a smile like a little
White lie
And pretend it isn’t really
Cathy Jan 11
I saw ten magpies
Chatting in a tree
I whispered hello
As they sized up me
Was it ten sorrows
That they gave away?
Or maybe five joys
To brighten my day
I’m superstitious
It has to be said
If I was not so
I’m sure I’d be dead
Who knows what bad luck
Is lurking out there
Ready to smite those
Who do not take care
Never walk under
A ladder of course
Wear charms to deflect
Bad energy source
And try to avoid
The number thirteen
Of course forty four
Should never be seen
So greetings magpies!
You have a great day!
And I’ll go safely
Right out of harm’s way.
Just for fun
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