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Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
As I fight back My Tears,
which I can't Control.
Your Heart Nestles Me,
deep down in your Soul.
Your Soul shall then Taste,
My Laughter and Tears
and your Eyes shall lead Me,
till the end of My Years.
Speak Slowly Dec 2018
You fill up, and also feel up
Urge to get closer, kiss and touch every curve
Push you down anywhere even on the ground
appreciate every detail, better hold on tight
my greatest addiction, a delicacy like honey
when our bodies combine together, imagine a star imploding. Its hot
have you moaning, bathing in our juices
and when its finally settled. l'll hold you tight and sleep as we nestle
I thought the name was fitting
K Balachandran May 2018
amidst leaves,nestle,
sun drenched luscious mangoes;
wind keeps the suspense !
wraiths Aug 2015
eskimo kisses and rosy cheeks,
but not from the shared body heat.
bubbling contentment escapes your mouth
in the form of your tongue
and my eyes glow with admiration
while yours shine from
dominance or perhaps desire; i can't tell.

— The End —