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Taylor May 2018
I’m standing here alone
Wondering where you’ve gone
Why won’t you call anymore?
Did I do something wrong?

You seem so far away now
Feel like we’re evaporating now
Is there any way, somehow
That we can go back to where we were

Can you please tell me why?
You ignore me when I walk by
You avoid and you deny
Why do I even try?

Is it ‘cause I’m not like your other so-called friends?
Is it ‘cause I’m a little too different?
I thought you’d understand
Guess I’ve been fooled yet again

I thought you weren’t like the rest
Thought you were better than this
I stayed by your side since forever
Now you’ve changed, but for the worst

I really hate what you doing
I really hoped we could get through it
Tried to let time simmer, tried to let it go
But I can’t, and I won’t

So now that you wanna be like that
I just wanna ignore you right back
Want you to feel what I’m feeling
Wanna do what you’ve done to me

I just wanna ignore you right back
You gon’ be the one I bypass
I’ll neglect, I’ll disregard
Good luck coming back, stay where you are
a poem I wrote three years ago about a former friend.
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