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Poetic T Jun 2020
I'll never look back,
as that isn't the way I'm heading.
It's always a belated imprint that was walked
            over so many times before
I'd even thought of looking at the reflection.

Of where I'd come from.
             I'm always schooling myself from
the errors that gave me  D- minus but
         as I walk on I've got regraded to a B-

life's hard an  A* isn't archivable

But I worked ******* my mistakes and a B is
      better than the D as you could have fell
                            and ended up a E-

Empty of what life's worth..
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Minus   Zero

  Hey... supreme  power
let   me  make
not  zero
minus  zero

how  much  minus
i  give  an  example.

It   should  be
like Siberian  cold.

It  should  be
frozen   Atlantic  ocean

It  should n be  more
freezing  point   than
Everyone stands
Everyone must see
You can't stand forever
No one can please
One who sits down with a purpose
But no purpose to stand back up
You're comfortable in your seat
It warms you
It comforts you
It's unique to you
Even more than

No one else is aware of the connection to this chair that you've built
They do not acknowledge it
They do not question why you sit while they stand
Hand in hand
Everything seems fine in the end
But then you realize
You do not wish to stand
Nor command a hand of your own

In this seat,
You see the world from a different perspective
Your friends from a different height
Your love from a different heart
What a sight.
Most would stand up with a purpose
That being to never see the world from that angle again
Some don't stand
And question the consequences within their brain
And remain
Some can't even leave the seat

And so, they sit
They watch the world move around them
They watch the good and the bad
Not being able to do anything to respond
But yet, they wait with hope that some will ask them to stand
That some will entice them with new purpose
Some even have the world lift them from their seat
Others remain in the seat where they theorize it's what's criticized down to the size
What a treat.
It's where they breathe
Such a feat
The world knows this
And let's them stay in the seat
Only to move the heat when they leave the world alone

And so they drone:
"Minus one."

Some people take seats away from the world
Back to where they know it's safe
It's where they feel comfort
The world can't disturb them in these seats
But when they can't sit anymore
They have no reason to stand
The world won't help them up
No matter what you planned
Soon enough by far
You don't want to leave this seat
You thrive off of your knowledge
Knowing you won't leave
You continue to create reasons to stand
But you can't be deceived
You can hear the world
You can see the world
Songs from birds that can not fly
But they don't know you're still sitting.

They think you're already standing
Gone to join them
There's no reason to go find you
You remain seated
Conflicting yourself and denying everything you know
At this point,
Can you still stand
Even for show?
Will someone ever help you grow?

Did you ever even want to stand?

You wait in your seat
But help never arrives
But the world has a question
A beckon
The world walks over to you with arms closed
A curious mindset and a simple reckon

The world wants to borrow your seat for someone that wanted to sit
But the world doesn't help you stand up
They just hope you'll take the hit
But you can't
You can't answer the world
And the world has no reason to answer you
So with nothing so true
You stand anew from blue answering the request of the world's shrew
It is here you take your one breath to contest the world's best request
Heart set
You've curled
And to the world you've blatantly hurled
A wisp
An answer
A silhouette
And yet

The seat is empty.

The host isn't here anymore.

The score;

Minus one.
Olga Valerevna Jun 2016
I know that I can fall asleep in arms that aren't my own
but every time I wander off I end up in your throne
yet what's a king if folly be the only thing he seek
for I have heard the things he said when I was out of reach
his life commands a part of him I will not dare to claim
and all of it is more to him than I have ever been
my blood has boiled long enough for me to let the green
be something that was part of what I didn't want to be
so there he is and here I am - an almost circle's ring
I can't recall a single day remembering a thing
to read me.
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2014
Whether we're  positive or negative
opposites attract despite their irrelevance

© Matthew Harlovic

— The End —