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Addict Behaviour Apr 2018
Making that compromise was only the start,
That is when Life became difficult,
That's when life became hard,
I caused Chaos and Carnage, Which Tore lives apart,
I then made the choice to hide in the dark,
I Hurt all of my loved ones as I tossed them aside,
I Broke their hearts, I tormented their minds,
All of my values were quickly forgotten,
all my beliefs had decayed, they were rotten,
I had A personality crisis, Part of me had died,
And as The innocence left, the Deceit was on the rise,
Honesty crumbled, the truth couldn't be found,
And Every compromise that i made,
Was another hole in the ground,
The deeper you dig, the less you will feel,
Surrounded by soil with no chance to heal,
As anger takes hold, only hatred exists,
Desperately searching for that light in the mist,
Your faith has been shattered, scattered all around,
And as hope disappears, there is only silence,

No sound.
full moon Apr 2017
Ever since I met you..
I started looking forward for our next encounter,
And not seeing you somehow disappoints me...
Ever since I have known you i started laughing and smiling like an idiot and not being in that state made me think of myself strange..
Ever since we get to know each other I think I have fallen for you...
You have change me
Because I have you that I started liking my life...
And how I live now is all because of you too...
Doing things that may hurt you scared me..
You getting hurt hurts me
Does that mean you're my everything?.
"To be in love with your best friend is one of the most crazy and incredible things to happen to you.
They already know all your secrets and flaws and chose YOU because of them.
That is true love."
-LM - Everything I Didn't Say #6

— The End —