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full moon Aug 2018
"I hate you but thank you for letting go!"
Everyone heard the words you said
They all believed, chattering and confused
But no one is better than him above
He knows everything
While you knows what it means
The person hearing it under numerous individuals standing in the crowd
Wishing he could dug a whole to hide
Hoping that he didn't did it on the first place and regret
Seeing you as beautifuly strong
Standing in the stage with chins up and resolute eyes
Lips curved into a mesmerizing arc
Dont hurt someone and dont ruin someones life for your own happiness.
full moon Jul 2018
She who doubt herself never gone outside
Afraid if she does
She might make mistakes
However never in her wildest dream did she know
What's waiting outside
Is a helping hand
A friend who silently looks out for her
Waiting that once she walk outside her comfort zone
She will be welcome with the sweetest smile
And a warmest hug
A friend who loves her so dearly
For once trust yourself and be brave, who knows someone might be out there just waiting to lend a helping hand
full moon Dec 2017
Behind the blue sky
There are lights that never die

They never fade nor disappear
Instead they help me lessen my fear

Though they seem so far
I see those stars

Its not that bad
I can't get mad

They accompany me and never leave my side
Even day they never hide

Only that their presence is weak
Just like my own every  day and week

They lose their shine when there is light
And when dark they gain strength and shine bright

We are sometimes opposite nor the same
For we are like friends that never change

Though living in the opposite world
No one can separate us even a word

For the sky are made to look upon
And stars to cry and wish upon

When everything seems so wrong
They we're made to make us strong...
full moon Nov 2017
Once a year there is this day
that I receive a especially gift from someone full of love and caring. .
Its as if im opening a box full of surprises but within a tresure of gold hidden
Us peoples hate but at the same time love surprises. Its exciting and mysterious
full moon Nov 2017
we ought to think that whats important is what our hands can hold
but sometimes we forgot that important things are sometimes meant to let go for it is the only way to make us see the view of life in a very different angle.
sometimes we choose not to stay so we could see if theres is more to what we see and feel to what is right and wrong.
full moon Oct 2017
its the personality
that makes a person pretty
so smile a lot
and make friends
love and fear GOD
he will make you stronger!
God is Love
Love is from Him
full moon Oct 2017
Day by day I wish
Each day I want my life to end
And every time it doesn't work
Time by time my life  losses its meaning
What is my purpose?
What am I to the world?
Who am I to begin with?
I wonder whybim alive, in pain and hopeless.
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