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Celestial Jul 2020
Small and tree dwelling,
I can hear the noise swelling.
A family of hoppers,
Next to the popper.
Who I am telling.
japheth Aug 2019
i've always thought


was an ending:

finally having your lips close to mine when i wanted,

finally walking down the street with your hands holding mine,

finally sleeping beside you hearing your heartbeat ever so calmly.

i thought this was it;

that love has finally settled down after running all over the place

– in what i'd say a wild goose chase –

but it was only the beginning:

i start to feel what it's like to kiss someone that will make my heart beat fast.

i start to feel ecstatic walking down a street holding hands with someone knowing they'll never let go.

i start to sleep with someone beside me, knowing our faces will be the first thing we see every morning.

i've always thought


was an ending.

only to realize,

it was the jumpstart

of a wonderful journey.
hello all. i have been reading my past works and wow, there's this inexplainable growth or shift with how i write. i don't know if it's a good thing or not, but i think i've been writing longer. anyway, if you have the time, do read some of my works. and let me know your thoughts.
This is not the end
Maybe a start

Keep on breathing
Get out of your blanket

Put on something pretty
Make the world smile again

— The End —