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Johnny Q Aug 2017
The future, the future
What's false now won't get any truer
Who's winning now won't turn into a loser
The future doesn't wait for anyone
And neither do you
It brightens the bright
and darkens the dark
Five years and I'm still waiting for you to ask.
I was promised something else
Surviving on something borrowed and something blue
The future says
"I will be sorrow.
And I will be loss.
I'll never really start, but I'll definitely end.
And I'll take everyone and everything you have."
"Do you happen to have any upsides?"
I'm the same for everyone."
Well then.
A darkened bar
An old guitar
A stage that once played host
To all the Delta greats and now
to Robert Johnson's Ghost

An old man
His spitting can
A boy from up the coast
Learning how to play the blues
In the home of Johnson's Ghost

You gotta feel the music boy
You sure don't feel too much
Your fingers skipping half the notes
You're playing double dutch
Slide it, let the music meld
That's what folks all want the most
You got to feel it, yes sirree
Like Robert Johnson's Ghost

Five hours passed
Time went fast
But what he learned the most
Was feel the notes
That were wrote
By Robert Johnson's Ghost

The spirit has to fill you
You have to suffer for the blues
You can't come in and play for us
In shiny, brand new shoes

The old man
his spitting can
Made the young boy cry
He played the notes
That Johnson wrote
on the day that Johnson died

Until you feel the music boy
And stop playing double dutch
You got to slide the fingers son
Don't use the guitar as a crutch
Remember where you're playing
And to who it still plays host
You're playing for the netherworld
And Robert Johnson's Ghost

— The End —