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Haniatira Mar 2015
When you still remember
the memories
that you want it to lost
But it keep appear from your head

Sometimes it's hurt you very bad
but you still can fake a smile
You hate it when you saw the smile
You get mad when the dream
keep moving

Sometimes you let your tears down
No else knew about this
You keep seclude

The demon of yourself
It's keep control you

You know that you still hope for him
You keep tell yourself to hate him
But actually you can't

You tries to put yourself into a
empty heart
But actually it don't happen

Don't keep yourself surrender
You are not a love servant
You actually a good enough
Haniatira Mar 2015
Love me for me
Be with you was a fairytale's

Hey you

Maybe I should move on
I got you shut enough
Let me talked

Let me be somebody to you

*A whispers
I've no heart for love
People keep being desperated
For love

People dreams want to be billionare
But I want to be somebody to you

— The End —