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Haniatira Apr 2015
Meeting you was a dreams
Liking you was a fairytales
Bump in to you is just turn my stomach with butterflies
Haniatira Apr 2015
Don’t you look Into my eyes and lie again
I’m sick of being alone

Your shaking face and words
Seems like something is up
A strange scent is all over your body
Seems like you’re possessed by something

Maybe you felt guilty at my guess
I caught you off guard and you’re so out of it
Your story keeps changing here and there, what’s wrong with you

Why, are you scared all of a sudden?
Let go of my hand, don’t lie to me

I was the only one who didn’t know about this something
I clearly feel it, must be something
Your obvious lies, it’s over

That rainbow inside the gray skies
The sadly crying piano

Don’t try to gain love so easily
Don’t regret
You deceived and made a girl cry
You’re only up till here
Was the love I gave a joke to you?
Were you sick of the love I gave you?
I don’t want to show you the tears I held back

**Are we over
Haniatira Apr 2015
When love cannot be held there who are willing to die
for the love of the world
When people blame the purpose of love
they left without saying a word
Someones uses a lot of money for love
love  not exist because of compulsion
Loves is gentle and caring and a quiet concern
loves is hidden from everyone heart
loves is where it's came from the bottom of your heart
There are gamble for love
fight for love
people today never satisfied
they want to have everything but without afford
they broke people heart then take away everything without saying
you are the sweetest than chocolate
you are more lovely than rose
you are my one that I love
  Apr 2015 Haniatira
Jason Cole
this memory
this ghost for hire
for which i pay dearly
is worth as much, or more

these blue night skies
and black sky days
deserve as much, or more

rainy eyes my mind clouds make
sunny eyes my mind clouds fake

take, take, take
that is all she does
it is all she knows

this ghost
this memory
this love
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