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The funny thing that makes me laugh
is when I think about the past
How did you make me fall in love
when you also make me sad?

The saddest thing that makes me cry
is when I look into your eyes,
How did I ever get so high
just by thinking of you and I?
Destiny M Sep 2018
Why do I always tend to feel a way when it rains , either really ***** or really sad . Makes me feel as though I’m falling into my depression again when I was just getting out . A dark and stormy cloud surrounds me no doubt . No one can ever tell you’re crying when it rains because it all looks the same . I’m tired of my life being mundane it’s driving me insane . I’m tired of being in constant pain . It comes and goes it comes and goes as the ocean flows as the wind blows and as my broken heart gets sick of these hoes.
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Why do we ignore all these spoken words?

We've had
and actors
tell us as
it were.

Now I, myself, have spit one or two verse
and I need to let you know
I will be heard.*

You call for a social media blackout and
there they sit thinking, " How absurd!"

But when it comes down to it
what do you do when there is
no reaction* to your tear-filled  words?

Is it because we have adapted to being so passive,
when there's ****, murders, lynchings, and theft
we just take it in passing?

Or is it because we can look the other way,
when the hands of a white man
take the life of a different ethnicity away?

Is it in relation to power?
We close our eyes
and pray.

But where is the action
for justice in this final hour?

What is it that you do to help this land?
Other than observe and comment snidely
on your fellow man?

It is no tragedy for a loss of life?
While you ponder your "newsfeed"
via social media
via your Iphone
via your wifi
Consider the point when you lost touch with real life.
let us use our love for one another.
let us try and save each other.
Everyone's loud
And I don't want to hear what they're talking about

Math is so annoying
I'm behind but I don't feel like working

It's actually easy
It just takes clicking bubbles

But I'm so tired
So, so tired.

So what am I going to do
When I don't have the energy to do what I need to?

And what am I going to say
When I don't have the words to speak when I want to?

Don't give me excuses
No one knows why I don't smile

Don't think you're special
You just happen to sit next to me

You can't understand me
Of course, no one else could

I'm tired of your looks
That tell me you think more than you should.

So what am I going to do
When there's no one to explain myself to?

And what am I going to say
When no one listens when I talk about you?

Leave me be, leave me alone
I'll soon be going my way home

Let me stay the person me
Leave me alone and leave me be.

— The End —