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Eloisa Jun 24
She danced under her
deep-sunken sun,
Her life’s most sorrowful last
As the soft breeze blows through
her lengthy hair,
Mingled in a day of incessant rain
was a massive, uncertain blur.
When dim from her flaws grew
each time she cries,
Pain and weakness crawled
in her begging, bleary eyes.
Alone she wept, she sorely wept alone.
And gloom flames
what her aching heart consumes.
The discordant clouds soon ceased weeping.
Shadows of hope and love suddenly furled
her destroyed and delicate wings.
She opened her eyes
from her weary, wretched plight,
Selene gently wrapped her
in her bright, glittering light.
And as the night arrives and pervades her heart with gleam,
Vermilion flares up through her new
and brighter dreams.
Eloisa Jun 7
Life’s flowers and flaws
Warm air creeps as spring retreats
Hopeful yet confused
Gazing over hydrangeas
Can’t wait for bright autumn leaves
Eloisa Jun 2019
Vivid in the green
Shades of purple, pink and blue
Sparkling hydrangeas
Queens of the rainy season
So mystical and special
gracie Jul 2017
Perhaps we never truly met
until I heard your voice of flowers
spill hydrangeas across the carpet
of my bedroom at 3 am.

Those whispers of nothingness
that smell oh so sweetly in the night
begin to wither away as sunrise creeps in
through the window I forgot to close tight.

— The End —