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Matthew 19h
let my soul smudge your silk stitched skin
as I slam your door wide open to shivers 
rocking your walls wet to your foundation 

crumbling me like tasting cookie dough to rise 
slurping the valentine from my spilling love
whispering me into long wrapping holiday legs

we draw lines of sensual curves to cross
punishing me to beg for more vanella thighs
we whip thick icing spreading your pound cake

our hypocrisy sins cry, longing for midnight
I'm your flame licking, bursting your heaven's gate
your my pleasures achingly to bite again and again

diving in your hot pool splashing pink lemonade
we're drowning in our streamy lip sipping kisses 
making scars itching, dripping with happy fingerprints
Matthew 21h
I've been enlightened to see today
there are to many cracks in my darkness
for the enlightenment to penetrate
Matthew 21h
am, I not allowed, to bow before thee
without tongue wagging to please
and lips puckered perfectly derrier
Matthew 3d
if given any blessed time
you shadow my thoughts
there will be words, one of a kind 
electric snow flakes, crystalized tears 

sugared, powered sweet, for your touch
stripping double clutched, hammer down 
grinding my heart beats sonic boom
in a thunder my pen rolls my smolder

to taste the dripping aroha off your tongue
a willing flowery vine dressed in kiwi hues 
taunting the seams and pelling flushed petals
for to my fortitude sticks licking you sticky
last,  love, poem, poetry, adult
Matthew 6d
I'm doing it! 
you're doing it!!!
all the cool kids,
are doing it!! 

and they are doing it!!
and them too, doing it!!
look, there his trying to do it?!!

with very little success
but let's all, give him,
a hand for trying......!
Matthew 6d
I fall down, only to learn from the pain
stubbing my heart on the way
was an unexpected side effects
Matthew 6d
shades pulled
drapes black-heart
and the *******
flying in the air 
gilded lily handle
fastened in the fashion
forged welded revenge 

fast in the hand
honing to slice
the pain from 
plasticity wanting smile
number nine scalpel
sharpened razor thin
for center procedure
straight through the heart.

perforated emotions
torn from long sleeves
sheathing dramatic
rattling riddled bones
harvesting on the calendars
darkest days in blood 
poisonous pollen nectar
cooked raw hunger

to sting deep the toxic
deadly sweeten honey
frayed heartstrings deaf toned
to the hollow point falling tears 
echoing the blues
cord g-bye in taps
tapping the melancholy
melody of last post
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