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I'm thankful for the time to reflect
To feel warm embraces of memories
Emotions of lighthearted joy, and
Scenes of my life that conclude with
Their own heartfelt epilogues

Thankful to shed tears
Serving as reminders
That no matter the hardship
We are one as human

Keeping internal connections alive
Breathing in this life to the fullest

I explore in self
What I can give
Back to this journey

My eternal gratitude
For moments like this
And loved ones like you.
I wrote this piece last year for Thanksgiving, but its message goes for each and every day. Let us always spread love and warmth, and open our hearts to each other. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Cherish what you have, and remember that you are loved, always.
Zyanneh Frazier Nov 2015
My sweet and amazing family
and friends who continues
to put nothing but a smile on my
face and bring nothing but
tears of joy as we celebrate this
wonderful thanksgiving day
with memories that we'll
all continue to share on this
wonderful day as we
enjoy this food, share hugs,
and take pictures as
wonderful people do each
and everyday..
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Echo Nov 2014
You touch so many hearts in this world. You touched mine in the way I know no one else can. I am so lucky to know you and the days we shared. Because this Thanksgiving, I'm really thankful for you. And Jinxx. I mean this, truly. Jinxx is as good as gold and you've got a powerful way with words. I hope you realize your talent, it shines throughout you. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you, and that you are still here. You are as awesome as you (which is entirely awesome)
I hope you're life is progressing in some way. You're still in my thoughts all the time (dude get out) jk I'm being lame! Just remember how thankful I am for you! Okay?
And don't forget. You're the last person I would want to see leave me behind. I really thank you for the way each of your poems have made me feel. You are truly one of a kind, and yeah, you know it. You don't deserve what life has given you.
But I promise you,
“I'll think of you tonight~”
Oh yeah, and thank you for filling the empty hole I had in my heart before I met you.
It's been enchanting to know you.
Some Person Nov 2014
And by that, I mean my Turkey Cheese *****

But for real, it can also **** my *****

That is, my Stuffing *****

But, on a serious note... it can **** my real, actual *****

Of course, I'm referring to my Oreo Cookie *****

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Just a little cheap humor for the holiday!*****-with-variations-146597*****-179988.aspx
luapharas Nov 2014
its thanksgiving, two thousand fourteen
I listen to "Alices restaurant"
the full eighteen minutes and sixteen seconds, in remembrance
of how thankful I was to have a father, like you.
every thanksgiving from before I can remember, my father listened to the  full song "alices restaurant" by arlo guthrie on the radio

— The End —