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Jan 2
Not just what, where, when, who,
how and why is grace too,
(but never Y2K,) always asked
on our heart paths, yet,
never definitively answered.  

Like the first snow on the morn'
of Christmas, the most moving
and brilliant time of the year.
Every snowflake a crystalline
one of a kind work of art that shines.

For grace can't be sought,
it seeks you.  
While our light's adding
to the well of light,
our every step's in grace, we,

humbly giving the gifts, blessings
bestowed, leave no (carbon) footprints
that followed none, which echo on,
in all ways, always,
if ....
Hello, indeed, it's not our power that uplifts another when we outstretch our hand to .... Wonderful work, inspiring; thanx for all you do. A couple of thoughts. Why is something like domestic terrorism, once happening once every year, now daily in the usa, happening, happening more? The question answers itself. If something's happening only more over decades, it's happening because the unpowers that unbe want it to. More circumstantial evidence, the domestic terrorist attacks are almost never called terrorist attacks if they're done by caucasians, white supremacists, supposed Christians, who do the majority of the attacks. If by non-Christians, non-caucasians, usually called terrorist attacks. In almost any other country the task to stop the terrorist attacks would be given to the military and police top intelligence, FBI equivalents, etc., and the leaders of the secessionists, white supremacists groups would be rounded up and given military tribunal trials, as well as shot at dawn; two three weeks maximum- end of all terrorism. As well king george and his ****, cheney, floated alot of ideas to extremely enrich the global oligarchy and it's spearhead, the republican conspiracy; especially in his second term as President. One, universal mass diagnosis for psych conditions, because the Bush clan is heavily invested in big pharma. It was so unpopular that he had to water it down to universal diagnosis of the young; and he still couldn't keep it afloat- thank goodness. Notice how after every terrorist attack republicans define the attackers not as terrorists or even criminals; rather, as the mentally ill- even Trump does this. Also, Trump's 'fixer' before Guliani, was Michael Cohen, who sold access to Trump to the big pharma, Navaritus, for 1 million $. More circumstantial evidence is everywhere, Rev Al called the slaughter of 21, 6 year olds, and 6 school admin., in Newtown, "a shooting". They're doing a full court press over decades, since Columbine, for increasing the profits of big pharma and the politicians that will be needed to get it done; eventually. As well, the necessary loosening of restrictions, regulations, laws, loss of liberties, in order to get all that done, will also make it much easier to falsely incarcerate non-republicans in psych. hospitals, wards against their will; as well as dictating forced medication of them, ECT, etc., that would permanently alter their brain chemistry, or at least their attitudes towards resisting republican dictates- self-censoring through to self-destroying, etc..  May this New Year find you new everyday all the way through  :)   reality
james m nordlund
Written by
james m nordlund  58/M/reality, Earth, Universe
(58/M/reality, Earth, Universe)   
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