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i cried cried
till my tears drained and dried
i tried and tried
to pull you back my side
i thought i lost you
but the truth is you were never mine
my boyfriend left he was never with me,he was just playing with my feelings for his time pass.and now im broken.just breathing oxygen.....ALIVE
Melody Martin Apr 2017
I've been spending time,
in the space between what you say and how you feel.
Dusting for prints left behind by thoughts you'd never share.
Chasing down secrets in hopes of getting a confession.
Hanna Mae Mata Oct 2015
Some feelings
are just like echoes
-heard by nothing
but air
and returned
by nothing
but walls.
Eugene Sep 2015
You can run,
You can hide.
You can fool others,
But, you can't fool yourself.
Because, hiding what you feel,
simply means loving her for real...
luna Feb 2015
My love for you is so palpable I can cloak it around us,
With feelings always guarding my half written letters.
How often I wish to see you and only you,
To kiss you and finish my guarded letters..... Is all I want!!

— The End —