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i cried cried
till my tears drained and dried
i tried and tried
to pull you back my side
i thought i lost you
but the truth is you were never mine
my boyfriend left he was never with me,he was just playing with my feelings for his time pass.and now im broken.just breathing oxygen.....ALIVE
Am I at sea?
Waves of emotion are crashing over me
Your hands on my body
Do you know
The effect that you have on me
I’m going with the flow
Kiss me hard
Kiss me slow
You can even kiss me in the snow
I don’t want you to let me go
Hold me tight
Take me to a new height
Your face burning bright
I know I’m little shaky
But I’m perfectly alright
Just never been this high
Yes, I’m high on your love
I feel like a kite
nja Jan 2019
- darts for charcoal.
Jeune boy is compassionate, secure, loving.
What more could a girl want?
Charcoal boy is mad.
Boy, is he unhealthy, inconsiderate, hurtful, hateful.
Full of everything but love for me
Choose wisely.
Self-flagellation anyone?
Because I can suffocate and choke myself on charcoal, I push jeune away in a bout of responsibility.
Choosing between a boy that is bad for me and a boy that is nice for once.
soukadreamer Sep 2014
I want you back**
Because the time we spent toghter wasn’t nothing
Because my feeling were so real
Because it’s so nice to see you in my dreams every night
Because it’s funny to laugh when I remmebre our moments
Because I always wear the necklace you gave me once
Because I still go to the places we used to go
Because I cried while watching our favourite movis along
Because I felt so sad when I saw you with another
Because I can’t live without you anymore
Because without you I am none
Because ….. I need you back in my life again !

— The End —