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Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
I know
I have control
but I don't want to anymore.

I was out of control
in the worst of ways
and somehow
I miss those days.
I can't figure out if I'm okay with winning this battle.
I'd much rather forfeit today.
Haydn Swan Oct 2014
no hunger,
have to eat,
fill the emptiness,
throw up,
eat again,
throw up,
nothing fills,
only the pills.
Bulimia is still a widely misunderstood and serious condition, this is my contribution to raise awareness for it and other eating disorders.
cr Sep 2014
i slipped the silk fabric over the curve of my hip and the scarred flesh of my thigh in a dressing room with three of my friends behind me, ******* in the fat of my stomach. they say black is supposed to be slimming but it only made me bloated; maybe the mirror was a liar (i know it didn't lie). an elephant with too-thick eyeliner and a too-thick body stared back at me and i bit through the skin of my lip till it bled and i wanted to live on some other planet where elephants were appreciated.

"that's the best one you've tried on yet," someone said, but i couldn't hear them over the red-eyed demon within me which whispered of shoving ******* down the trachea, messy but quick, everything gone in an instant. if this was my best one, i was doomed because my eyes were glazed over with the misunderstanding that beauty would never apply to me.

"i'm just gonna go- go to the restroom-" and the red eyed thing inside me cracks its whip, takes over the nerves in my brain, makes my legs sprint to the toilets and it's over, it's done, the food gone among stomach acid, falling hair, and teeth erosion.

i can only imagine what the restaurant worker who was forced to clean rainbow-coloured ***** in the toilet thought.
this happened the other day. i cried a lot.

— The End —