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Natalie Feb 2019

this time
you can take
the heat.

probably not,
prepare for
Marte Lindholm Feb 2017
Answer my tenderness
With love, not hate.
And my drunkness,
It is getting too late.

The drugs you gave
I am getting addicted.
I became your slave
This is what I predicted.
Here we go again
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
My sweet bella

The one who makes me feel like my whole body hurts because I miss her
It's too much
I miss those nights, the ones with the moon by our side
How our drunkness made us close
I never thought someone I've seen six times would mean so much to me
I need your presence, I'm broken
I need someone
I need someone with whom to share my ***** in a bottle mixes with gatorade
I need that sausage smell
I'm writing this while being ******
But my dear Bella, you mean the world to me and I never thought someone would become as important as you have
It's like you put the stars in the skies
I need you to have someone to drown my sorrows in a bottle with. I miss you
But I know sometime, soon
I'll get drunk and do fun stuff with you
Nothing seems fun without you, you might be the missing piece
but Dear Bella, wait for me, as the sun waits to rest when sunset comes. I love you as much as a cherry blossom tree loves it's beautiful flowers that just bloomed

— The End —