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Marte Lindholm Aug 2018
Palms, acacia, and eucalyptus trees
Long, white beaches
Red, hot sand
Down under
Far from home
A spark lits up
Like the stars shining
Over the spread-out city

Oak, spruce and pine trees
Long, deep fjords
White, cold snow
Up in the north
Somehow far from home
Cloudy and raining
A glimpse of the moon
The same as you see
When home isn't home anymore
Marte Lindholm Jul 2018
I washed up on the shore
You were already standing there
Like you were expecting me
You made me feel warm again

I could feel the sun burning my neck
As I turned around and followed you into the forest
It was like a warning
The sun trying its best to make me stay

But I couldn't resist
And you led me deeper in
It was so dark

I remember falling asleep
And when I woke up
You were already gone

I stumbled around in the dark
Time went by
I thought I saw the shore
Where it all began

I rushed my steps
My blood started pumping faster
In a hurry towards the light
A twig scratched my left arm

I didn't feel any pain
But then I saw the blood
First just a few drops
Then my arm was all covered

I kept on running
Faster and faster
The light was getting dimmer
But I could smell the ocean now

And then I was there
I was too late
The sun was setting

I could barely see it shining
Behind some tall buildings
That weren't there before

The sun disappeared
And so did I
Finding Paradise, look it up
Marte Lindholm Feb 2018
I’m lying here
Thinking about
Things I shouldn’t think of
I think of her
My heart stings a little
My thoughts run too fast
Every time I close my eyes
I see her
Not me
With you
Lying in bed smiling
And it hurts
Oh God, it hurts
If only I could let these thoughts go away
Marte Lindholm Feb 2018
Waiting for you
Starts a fire inside of me
I feel it in my heart
The pain induced by the flames
And they heat up
Making the blood in my veins
Start boiling
Slowly killing me

Still waiting
I feel the anxiety
Crawling up
My throat
Spreading its vines
Soon choking me
Slowly killing me

The only thing
Left to do
Is to pray that
The fire inside of me
Will burn the crawling vines
To stop the unbearable choking
And I'll finally be able
To breathe again
What to do when everything feels like a mess and I stand in the middle, all tangled up
Marte Lindholm Dec 2017
One of the phenomena in life,
is that when you have been
treated poorly for a long time,
you'll eventually get used to it

And when you all of a sudden
stumble across someone nice,
you'll acknowledge them,
but then expect them to disappear soon.

Because how could you ever
trust that they'll stay?
Better not get attached,
and hurt another time.

But what if that is a mistake?
Maybe you should give it a shot?
Have a little faith in humanity.
Risk being naive once more.

And then you try.
Everything seems fine,
just waiting for it to get bad.
Or, wait...

Could this possibly be the happy ending you only see in movies?
Marte Lindholm Dec 2017
To know her is not just knowing her
name, birthday and her favorites.

No, to know her you have to notice all the
little things that make her, her.

The way her fingers tap when her favorite
song is playing out loud.

The way her eyes always search for that
one particular person in the crowd.

The way she holds back a smile when
his name is mentioned.

Most of all, how she is when she is all by herself.

Nothing shows better how a person is,
than their behavior alone.
Then she is a hundred percent herself,
and that, my love, is the girl you want to know.
Marte Lindholm Sep 2017
Do you know how cheerful you make me,
with that gorgeous smile of yours?

How pleasant you make my day,
whenever I get to spend it with you?

How tremendous I feel no matter when
you lean in to give me a kiss?

Just by feeling your presence you make me
feel like the most fortuitous girl in the world

No words can describe what I feel towards you, my love
Dedicated to my one true love
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