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Butch Decatoria Dec 2018
****, Shlong, Johnson, Peter, Pecker/wood, don’t be a ****.
Cat Fiske Oct 2015
Photographed in the ****.
or even,
had a sextual comment told too.

Doesn't label you,
anything less than how you see you.

So stop **** shaming your victimized chicks,
who didn't seem to like you from your un puberized ****,

No one asked for this ****,
so do not blame them for it,
Carly Two May 2014
M4W - Seeking young **** 17 year old to objectify and kick out of high school prom - must have womanly figure but only be a teenager - fingertip length dresses are OK - must be a child but still able to make me envision having *** with you - will be on the balcony ogling my daughter's friends and high-fiving other dads with my ****.
Copyright C. Heiser, 2014

— The End —