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Carly Two Feb 2016
Blacked out again,
swallowing the room.

Spinning in a lucid dream,
blessed to consume.

Breaking into.

Ash shadows
drill bit chest
I am not your savior
I am a suitcase bomb
I only devour
breathing fire

and I will apologize to no one
for doing what I said I would.
Copyright, C. Heiser 2016
Carly Two Dec 2015
I was right to run away and lock the door on you after I passed out in the kitchen and I wish I woulda known then.

Broken bird who listens like chimes.
The way you surrendered your neck
first a lover
then a sacrifice.

People will tell you what they are,
you just never said battleground.
Copyright C. Heiser, 2015
Carly Two Sep 2015
Learn to love the fall,
to disappear like a radical ghost
shaking chains as a forgotten name.

Make your nests in piles of broken mirror glass,
court heartbreak like a 19th century candlelit lover.

Smile at the No,
bring it into your chest,
breathe it in warm.

Collapse the roof,
blow out the window,
cradle your shattered legs and kiss them like sleeping children
when they try to drag your broken body from the burning building.

And get your blood all over everything.
Copyright C. Heiser, 2015
Carly Two Jun 2015
I open pre-approved credit cards like love letters.
Growling under bedsheets.
A twitching right eye inside of blue screens.

I think my bones are going deaf.

My insides are lava
My outsides are lava
I am fractured and glowing
I am killing natives
I am slowly swallowing.

not calm
Copyright, C. Heiser 2015
Carly Two Dec 2014
I was born in soft chaos
with the mystery womanhood clean on my lips.

I am
just like every other girl

and even if you can’t understand it
you can’t take it away from us.

You are right to be afraid.
Copyright C. Heiser, 2014
Carly Two Oct 2014
Gravity pulls water onto the floor
to trace my skin like a lover.

The steamed mirror can be anyone
if you’re not a biased audience
and I paste faces on bodies for spare minutes.

My hands are loaded guns
you have to get comfortable with
on parade day.

This is not a love story
it is a witch hunt
and Gravity has been the only thing that has ever caught me.
Copyright, C. Heiser 2014
Carly Two Jul 2014
For the days when you're moving so slow
and the universe is moving so fast.
Copyright, C. Heiser 2014
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