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Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
African soul child
Eating dust for dinner
Drinking ***** water
Poverty is your richness
Survival is your blessing
Too many deaths you witnessed
Torn between dying and living
Yet you still choose living
Breath air polluted with gas fumes
Big diamond digging machines
Repping your grounds for more minarals
Witnessed less births and more funerals
Oh African soul child
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
Sweaty p(a)lms
Perspiri(n)g pits
Pounding headache, comple(x) thoughts
Heart rac(i)ng at a fast pace
Eyes focus(e)d on burdens
Thoughts compe(t)ing to finish a pointless race
Empt(y) heart seeking comfort

Emotions fighting to be expressed
Mouth dry, stomach turning, soul burning
Pain left to explain what's happening within

— The End —