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A "poem" every day.

(Sorry another musical quote)
DEH but "Anybody have a map" is called "Distressed moms and connor finished the milk"
A "poem" every day.
Connor finished the milk
A "poem" every day.

(yes it's another musical quote don't @ me)
Kay-Rosa Apr 30
we jump or we fall.
that doesn't really matter,
it will still happen either way
whether we jump or fall.
what matters is
when we fall.
do we splash comfortably
do we explode on impact
are we silent and unnoticed
when we fall.
do we survive
do we live
its our choice
don't fear the fall.
Its kinda a reverse poem, if you see it both ways. Try it, try the other way. I don't know but, I like this one.
Its also kinda the sequel to 'evolution is survival of the fittest' so, yeah. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I'm here.
Kat Mar 2018
Someone once told me that I fat.
They said it behind my back.
I heard it from a person I'd never spoken too.

They told that I should trust them and that I would be fine.
I listened the followed their words blind.
I trusted their words more than mine.

I listened and did everything they told me to do.
I was afraid that without them I would lose evething too.
I gave them my heart and leaned on them for support but it turns out, to them, that I was just a sport.

Just something new for them to try out.
Only to think that it wouldn't work out.
Tossed aside like yesterday's cold, old dinner, they lefted me in the dust to go and find someone shinier and prettier.

Pathetic I was, watching them from a far.
Wondering what I did to make them want to go so far.
I wanted to make them come back to me.
I was reliant on the lies they fed me.

I fell deep into a pit of dispair.
I wondered why no one would notice me even though I am there.
I wondered terrible things.
I wanted to be friends again.
I wanted nothing more than to be with that person again.

So one day, I mustered it up.
All the courage that I kept inside of me,
so I wouldn't mess it up.

I walked to the person right after class.
Hoping that they would see me and not just pass.
Fifteen feet away, I stood from them.
Watching intently as they spoke to someone that seemed very close to them.

Walking closer and closer till I was five feet away.
I heard one sentance and the remains for my already broken heart, flew away.

I ran away from them, farther and farther.
Wondering why I was so stupid and when would I get smarter.
I kept running away tell I fell to the ground.
Trying to get up without making a sound.

I felt something warm on my cheeks,
I look up hoping to see someone comforting me.
Instead of seeing someone there, I realized that they were just my tears of dispear.

Choking down sobs,
I held in my sniffles.
I thought about my problems and how I got myself in such a pickle.
Like in true anime style,
just to set the mood,
It started to rain on a patheic person called me.
Someone sad and a fool.
Someone who can't think clearly.

Slamming my fist to the ground, I let my sobs come freely.
I wondered why no one would love me dearly.
There was a loud clash of thunder,
I looked up fearfully.
I saw mother and father the only 2 people who had ever loved me I thought clearly.

I thought they'd smack me for being ***** and on the ground.
But my mother held out her hand to lift me from the ground.
Father handed me an umbrella and we all walked away.
Wanting to forget what had happened today.

Sitting in my room I thought to myself,
I need friends but I don't need to ones that will cause me to want to hurt myself.
I find it hard to draw myself away from them.
But it's fine, I have found people who are better than them.
These new people, they make me happy.
The share their stories and make all of us feel giggly and laughy.

In the end,
I guess you could say,
I finally found a group of people who would care about me and weren't fake.
Delta Swingline Apr 2017
Sidenote: I highly recommend listening to these songs/watching the musical, it is amazing.

Song title: Lyrics *My thoughts/feelings

Anybody Have A Map?:

Anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this?*  
I'm in this confusion so deep that I can't find a way out.
I'm flying blind, and I'm making this up as I go.
Ha. Me too.

Waving Through a Window:

Step out, step out of the sun if you keep getting burned.
I've been burning forever.
Waving through a window!
Put your soul into this song.

For Forever:

We share.
All we see is sky for forever.
An ecstasy I do not know.
All we see is light, 'cause the sun burns bright!
Shouting hallelujah from here.
Life will be alright for forever this way.
I hope so.

Sincerely, Me:

All that it takes is a little reinvention!
I need that.
All you gotta do, is just believe you can be who you wanna be.
Just believing right?
Sincerely, ME!


I will sing no requiem.
Neither will I.
I gave you the world, you threw it away. Leaving these broken pieces behind you.
I know.
Everything wasted, nothing to say.
I know.
Within these words I finally find you.
The words are not mine.
Now that I know that you are still here.
I am?

If I Could Tell Her:

But he kept it all inside his head, what he saw, he left unsaid.
Secrets work wonders do they not?
If I could tell her, tell her everything I see. If I could tell her how she's everything to me. But we're a million worlds apart... And I don't know how I would even start.
How do we begin to say the words?...


No one deserves to be forgotten. No one deserves to fade away.
No one should come and go, and have no one know he was ever even here.
I'll make sure of it.

You Will Be Found:

Well, let that lonely feeling... wash away.
I should let the weight drop from my shoulders.

To Break In A Glove:

And a little uphill climb.
Just more work.
For a kid who's lost control.
I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

Only Us:

Try to quiet the noises in your head. We can't compete with all that.
No we can't. But we try.

Good For You:

And you say what you need to say, so that you get to walk away.
I hope that it's all that you want and more.
I'm not proud.
And you play who you need to play.
I did.
I am not okay.

Words Fail:

I never thought that it would go this far.
I really didn't.
So I just stand here sorry. Searching for something to say.
I am still searching.
There's nothing I can say.
There really isn't.
Words fail.
They do.
That's a worthy explanation, I know. Nothing can make sense of all these things I've done.
I wish I could make it up to you.
So how do I step in...

Step into the sun?

I wish I knew how...

So Big/So Small:

And I knew I'd come up short a million different ways.
And I did.
And I do.
And I will.
And I will... I already have...


Today is going to be a good day, and here's why:
Because today, at least you're you and that's enough...
That's enough.

All I see is sky for forever...

Curtains close.

I'm going home.

Yeah... I'm going home.
This constant playlist.

— The End —