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Connor finished the milk
A "poem" every day.

(yes it's another musical quote don't @ me)
I was not
The planet
Closest to you

Not even a planet

I was
A Moon,

Close enough
To have been touched
By your light

You see,
As a moon
You live your life
Half in

So you know
A super nova
When you’ve met one

The problem is
The stars that
Shine the brightest
Are the very same ones
That burn out
too soon

And now
Our atmosphere
Feels the emptiness

And we hope
That space
could create
A time warp ,

Another dimension

Where we could
Stay with you

Feel your brightness


Know you were in so
Many celestial Orbits,

And we feel
At our cores,
Without you,

Our vision
Has darkened.

A constellation,
All on your own,

We have only
Your stardust memories
To hold

When our tears
Shoot like
Down our

Thank you
For the wishes,

I hope to
Catch your
In another sky
One day.
I figured enough time has passed that I can publish this without diverting attention from you.

You were a good man. And I'm sorry this world failed you.

You are loved.
Harmony Sep 2014
written September 24, 2014

"I'm not going to tweet and blog about how much I miss you
I'm not going to give u the satisfaction of exactly what I want to do
Yes, last night brought back memories
All the memories and feelings we once forgot
But if there's one thing that last night taught
Was that I cannot be with one who once made me distraught Conversations flicked off our tongues, we were conversing like we used to do
Nostalgia and old feelings filled my whole being, I really do miss you
But I will not go texting you telling you so
For I have grown smart enough to know
That would only be detrimental to myself
And for my health,

I mustn't give you the satisfaction of knowing that you still have strings tied around my heart
With every flick of the wrist - left right left right
My heart beats
Like a puppet on strings, you control my whole being
And like a fish on a rail, you know you have the ability to real me in at any time you desire
After all, my first time being caught was by you
You're an idiot in disguise, but why do I still fall for you when you look me in the eyes?
It's not right
For one to have the power while the other kneels at their throne begging for forgiveness"
Harmony Apr 2015
written February 15, 2015

"The feeling of him leaving scratch marks down my back
doesn't add up to the feelings I get when you rub it
And the feeling of him biting at my lips
cannot compare to the sweet kisses you place upon them

I was wrong to do such a horrible thing
You don't deserve my disloyalty

In a way it was an awakening for me
Because it reminded me how hard life would be
If you were not with me

Rough *** is great from time to time
but all I really want is someone to hold me tight
and tell me they love me
You're the perfect bachelor for that

Our sloppy drunk kisses meant nothing to me
It was temporary

And I'd rather have sober pecks
then a long drunk mistake anyway"

— The End —