You could try start wars and battles
You could try to break the world
You could lie, scheme, conspire
It would all be worthless naught.

The Universe has a willing
It devised so long ago
Here you go trying to change it
What has been decreed in stone.

Stop swimming 'gainst the current
This love is not meant for you
Better move on, don't be folly
There's somebody else for you.

The Universe has a willing
stubborn plan all of its own
If you only trust the journey
You will find your yearning love.
Save me from cold lonely nights
Save me from my insecurities
Save me from my feelings of inadequacy
Same me from my low self-esteem

Save me from my thoughts at night
From the demons inside
Save me from myself:
Love me…save me.
Carlos Salinas Sep 2017
I hate that I love you
I hate that I miss you
I hate that I want you
I hate that I kissed you
"I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed"
Carlos Salinas Sep 2017
Being with you
Is being alone
It's loneliness
to the second power.

When I’m with you
I'm at my loneliest
You turn my Fridays
Into rough Mondays
When I’m with you I'm at my loneliest
Carlos Salinas Aug 2017
"Do what makes you happy"
But I'm happy making others happy...
Even at my own expense
Carlos Salinas Aug 2017
She is an open book...
In Quantum Physics
Written in Chinese
Carlos Salinas Mar 2017
You are too quiet
Don’t know where I stand
For weeks you’d be smiling
Then suddenly break.

Thoughts in high motion
Your eyes tell me so
You read every movement
You pierce through my soul.

I wish I could read you
I wish you would tell me
You stay so well guarded
You love me or hate me?

For ages I’m blissful
I feel the best ever
Then you speak your feelings
And drown me forever.
I wish I could know what's in your mind. I make plans, look forward to you; but your over-thinking mind has other plans I don't know about.
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