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Will you say the words
I waited to hear for years:
I’m finally free
Can’t hang out again
You get me in much troubles
My boyfriend is mad

We've been her before
'Till you drunk text me again
I’ll see you next time
Carlos Salinas Sep 2018
We would all sell ourselves short...
for the right price.
Carlos Salinas Jul 2018
I remember so clear:
You and I holding hands; walking downtown.
Perfect day outside!
Let’s have a picnic and I’ll bring cherries to your mouth.

Then we kissed.
So mushy. Let’s go to that concert tonight!
I had fun today.
Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and have another date.

We hopped on that plane.
Nine hours to Munich.
I found everything I was looking for.
You are my lover, my friend, my partner-in-crime.

The beach was so much fun.
We walked the dogs at sunset.
And my family loves you so much!
I love you so much.

I can’t wait for another summer with you!
Except none of this happened.
Only in my dreams.
You have another man, you rather be with.
Carlos Salinas Jul 2018
Sun is out bright and shiny
But it’s dark and cold inside.
People out, they seem so happy
But it’s lonely inside this heart.

Summer feels like barren winter
Merry Christmas in July.
Take my heart to hiding places
From this storm in clear skies.

I went out to run from demons
They kept whispering out loud.
I have never felt so lonely
Like I was inside the crowd.

Never ending summer(winter)
Once again another round.
Never gets so cold and lonely
Like it does in summertime.
"Being with her was being lonely twice, it was loneliness to the square root; but I was also lonely being by myself, I was lonely being with my friends. I was...lonely."
Carlos Salinas Jul 2018
You could try start wars and battles
You could try to break the world
You could lie, scheme, conspire
It would all be worthless naught.

The Universe has a willing
It devised so long ago
Here you go trying to change it
What has been decreed in stone.

Stop swimming 'gainst the current
This love is not meant for you
Better move on, don't be folly
There's somebody else for you.

The Universe has a willing
stubborn plan all of its own
If you only trust the journey
You will find your yearning love.
Carlos Salinas Jun 2018
Save me from cold lonely nights
Save me from my insecurities
Save me from my feelings of inadequacy
Same me from my low self-esteem

Save me from my thoughts at night
From the demons inside
Save me from myself:
Love me…save me.
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