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My vine bends low with purple grapes
A bountiful harvest so fine
Clusters so large - flavor so sweet
Stems from daily growth divine

An ancient wall stands high and long
With stones added one by one
Erected not in rush or haste
But with daily growth was done

The canyons deep, rugged and steep
Carved by rivers - rapid or slow
Their rugged walls truly attest
To the strength of the daily flow

I look about, and glean this truth
From the things I hear and see
Listen close - I’ll share it with you
Daily growth is prosperity
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This poem started with the concept of "consistency", but not a lot rhymes with that, so it just wasn't working out. I've always been amazed at how much can be accomplished by taking consistent action each day.

When I look around my garden I see this truth also. I never see my peaches or grapes or tomatoes grow in one day - because each day's growth is so small. But over a season, this amounts to hundreds and hundreds of pounds of bountiful fruit for my family!

Faith in Daily Growth allows me to take on projects that are many years long - knowing that the consistent building will add up to monumental results.
Cierra Hope Jan 2017
If you look up at the stars,
Sometimes you'll see many clusters of stars,
But if you keep looking,
You'll find one star by itself,
Shining bright
With only the light of the moon surrounding it.
That is me.
That is my soul.
In a galaxy full of people,
I stand alone.

— The End —